The So Called Soul

The So Called Soul

A poet is just a teacher
Without many
Of the standard
And the unexpected
Constraints of teaching
Like if there’s somebody there or not
Teaching the philosophy
Of the so called soul

Not a news maker
Nor a suicide renegotiator
Not a faux
Self proclaimed revolutionary innovator
Not a judge
Not a pre-trained self ordained people hater
Nor an indoctrinated cryptic thug
Out for blood
Out for slinging mud
Out for dirt
Out for hurt

Out for control
Out for power
Call it secular peculiarism
Starts out with the original lie
That there is no cognizant source
Of consciousness now
No absolutely sacred power
Call it sunshine
Call it a fact of being
Call it the silence
When silence is finally spoken
Call it a human paradise
Who am I
To say

GOD only knows

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