The New Jamboree

The New Jamboree

After having read GOD SPEAKS
Seven times
Yet after only one true read
Was lifted out of hell
And dropped into heaven
So it behooves me to testify
As my offering of obedience
About the science of the silence
Eternally spoken
That has no description
Yet is ceaselessly described

Hold tight to his dhaman
In GOD I trust –
I bow to the religionless religion
Written in the blood and guts
Written in the roots
Pulsing up
In the ecstasy
Shouting out from within each bloom
Shouting out from the dawn of light
Caveman looking for some burning bright
Algorithms in tight genes
Rolled up in an endless sea
Of bubbles bubbling
Boiling over
In imagination
From the lowest of the low
To the highest of the high
Like the dust
Of the dust
Of the gurus feet All in praise of the ancient one
In the new jamboree

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