After Chinese

After Chinese

If there wasn’t a creator
Before creation
There is one now
Without the tricks of the trade
Without the frame by frame
Imperceptible jabs and hooks
Or the hacks
With the silent invisible names
With no ropes or digits
Or chains
No wires or scissors
Or DNA strands or strains
Of human brains
And certainly no religion
That old man river
Quasi quantum liberation
Post delusional
Fame infused glamor jaded
Eager to surrender
Stepped upon a covert crack
Not to interrupt the games

Immaculate mary
Our hearts are on fire
As we dabble
In the glitter
Groveling in the ash
In noncompliant sparks
And electrical
Chargers, flickers and connections
With impressively thick wads
Of self detonating cash
While mixing yet another cocktail
Fix in illusion
At a minuscule rendezvous crossroads
Burned through like one consecrated
Prick of a tantric laser focused
Burning branding tattoo
Thousand petal lotus
Just relax
In a space/time vortex consortium
Through the ancient silent salient
Fortune cookie proclamation
After chinese
Comes this very special announcement:

Great good fortune now awaits us all
And we’ve just begun to dance

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