The Path Of Love

The Path Of Love

It’s easy to be critical
Of the criticized
With a slight prejudicial lean
Based upon questionable claims
And sloppier assumptions
What’s based on truth
Seems to be more difficult
The more sane I am
The more I am insane

Take this junk heap pile
Of information
Take it to the cemetery
Take it to the grave
It’s GOD’s will
If it’s GOD’s will
Then nothing can destroy us

So here’s a pound of pain
A pound of pleasure
My soul’s symphony
My box of rain
Making a new song blossom
Better than ever
As the silence
Of Meher Baba Is proclaimed

I was missing in action
Tired of the gun
I can’t do any more
And it’s hard to forget
I’m not in control of my life
Gave up whatever for whatever
Just like your fingerprint
Just like your DNA
Everyone gets there
Through whichever life
Inspires one’s self delusional
To remove another veil
To our own beauty
Now ascertained

I’m having an ego attack
I have to write
Flip a coin any coin
Can any worldly ego truly
GOD’s most infinite light?
We’re so smart
We occasionally out smart ourselves

We find that when it really matters
There is no voice
There is no chatter
And there is no black and white

That never-ending everlasting kiss
Within a silent wave
Across the sleeping lake
Of blossoming unconsciousness to consciousness
Just a will-o-the-wisp like illumination
A brush of tender lips
That inner
That ancient
Illumination server, time traveler
Upon this magic light speed autobahn
They sometimes call

But the path goes on forever
This cosmic drenched galactic pineal throne
Star-rider, perfect stranger
Dripping hidden secrets
From the one eye
Beaming through the rift within
The spark of consciousness
Innate within the nothingness
The crowning jewel
The king of kings
As is written in the scroll of every stone

Of what’s divine is all forgiving
Even if we give up the fight
Even if we have no need of him
Even if we’ve said SAT NAM a million times
And said 10,000 rosaries
In the beginning
Even if we drank the blood
And ate the flesh
Of the Avatar
The only thing
That is really existing
Even if we’ve died
A thousand deaths
Of many
Famous fabulous mausoleum incarnations
Don’t worry be happy
When you’ve lost it all

The universe
Is locked within
This tantra
This conflagration of love
Who’s name is consciousness in realization –
The secret silent blaze
In every soul – I call
The silence of Meher Baba

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