A Sense Of Darkness

A Sense Of Darkness


In this archetypical mansion
There is plenty more room
On the web
For the climb
Up archetypical towers
Down hollywood and vine
Where there is no now
But change
Rushing up and down
The kundalini spine

And you want it with flowers
And you fake it
With a razor blade of lies
It makes a nice tool
Has a harvard business school like
Litany of
Overwhelming trust in power and control
The path a serial sociopath might take
Who wants the darkness darker
With all the hunger that it takes


O cause of causes

Object of our life

Fate of all fates

Architect of destiny

May we be blessed
With the precious darshan
Of your abundant magnanimity

May we give up
The sense of “mine” and “yours”
The sense of our differences
The sense of darkness
And begin to celebrate
Our one soul’s unity
In love’s most precious light

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