Prove I’m Not A Robot

Prove I’m Not A Robot

I’m frequently being asked
To prove I’m not a robot
Even just to log into my own email now
And so surreptitiously began
Back in the background distance
No one noticed
The way things always appeared
To always begin to happen
In those days from nowhere spun
The robot wars of long ago
Prior history
Having misremembered the old adage
Somewhere entombed
In the fog of algorithms
“You got your good robots
And you got your bad robots”
An ID and password apparently
Are no longer enough
You have to now be able to
Distinguish yourself from being a robot
Almost like a super clever chimpanzee might
The pictures that have fire hydrants
Or like a dog
Searching for the proper parking meters
We’re lucky to even see
Yeah, prove to me you’re not
A program written
Without any access
To common human courtesy
Shouldn’t it be
The other way around?
Shouldn’t the robots
Have to prove we’re not human
To answer one impossible random question
Something a robot
Neither good nor bad
Ever wants to hear

Why should we do all the work
Endlessly under suspicion
Shift option delete escape

Program ending…

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