GOD’s Face

GOD’s Face

Every individual contains
A unique aspect of GOD’s love

It’s up to us
To find it
Cultivate it
And express it

All unhappiness springs
From the struggle
Or inability to express love

Most of us are desensitized
And hardened
By the deception
Of illusion and delusion
And can only feel emotional love
If that

Numbed to life
Numbed to GOD
Numbed to each other
Trying to feel GOD
Through the facilities
And limitations of the 5 senses
Invents GOD
Dramatizes GOD
And Kills GOD

Our brain
Even with all it’s capacity
Serves to modulate primarily
By the fear of not existing
And its many forms of death
Rather than reveal pure reality

If our consciousness was
Not filtered with
The brain’s modulation
We would see GOD’s face
As it really IS

Much too much beauty
For us to bear

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