Tiny Doses

Tiny Doses

In obedience to GOD
Most times I wind up
Just offending people
It depends a lot
On who decides what obedience is
And who holds the gold

That’s why it’s important
To humble ourselves
Before the Creator
Of all creation
You may find you need
To take a break sometime
As you sell what you got
And you buy what’s sold

All worldly treasure is transient
All worldly pleasure ends
We are remnants imbedded, engrained
Somewhere in Consciousness
If not degraded
Tattooed, carved out in granite
In digital palaces of light
In kindnesses
In rainbows with genuine pots of gold
Not guarded by demons
Or greedy green leprechauns

You are never without a friend
Just knock and the door shall be opened to you
Seek, and you shall find

I am in the dark and out in the open
I try to speak
What’s never spoken
To all the children left behind

We had to figure out what’s up –
Was the universe our manifest destiny?
He laughed and said it’s all about
The multifarious drops conceived
Bubbling up from the core
Of the deep blue infinite ocean
Of humans arriving at the station
We just don’t know we’re there yet

He didn’t hang around for any honors
Or flood us with evangelistic pornography
He did not cause discord or dismay
Or destroy in disarray
He said
Selfless service is the doorway to eternal bliss
For the kingdom of GOD

(Where the silence is
Has been and always will be
Forever eternally spoken
In silence broken
Called infinite love)

Is at hand…

I’m in the basement
I’m in the attic
Where I hide
Under the static

I’m a stallion
I’m a boxer
Watch me rise
I’m a pop star
Where ‘er
Her silent signature

I wouldn’t like
My incorporation
Whether it be in pictures
Or creative discourses
That might appear
In using the name
Or pictorial darshan
Of Meher Baba
As a tool
To somehow validate or invalidate
The sunshine or the rain
Or to make a common bell
Ring richer… truer
In an otherwise hackneyed
Socio-cultural refrain

But to give everyone I can
A particle of hope
In tiny doses
For the Avatar of our age…

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