The Nature Of Learning

The Nature Of Learning

We can’t hate away hatred
Our only hope is love
There are no excuses
But there are levels of culpability
And so evil men go free
And good men get sentenced
Rich men are praised
Sanitizing themselves
In media-centric praises
While poor men get censored

Condoned men have a lineage
And down trodden men
Are cut off short in mid career
Even the nothing they have
Rears its ugly head and bites them
Rich men get laid
Poor men become problems

They can have their perfect world
Based on power, money
Corrupt authority and greed
They can have their perfect prisons
Seeking Utopia
They’re on a desperate mission
Truth, what’s truth?
Love is a glandular transmission

With falsely humble superiority
Just presumed
But never spoken
Not understanding
What the real nature of poverty is
In the unloved and in the broken
Legends in their own minds
Justified by a misdirected intellect
Of experts
Filling their own imaginary kingdoms
With incomplete and assumed ideology
They waste away their own life,
But such is the nature of learning

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