Flower Of Eternal Love Number 9

Flower Of Eternal Love Number 9

No matter what treasure
What power
What pleasure
Whatever rationalized explanation
Is being sold or offered
Or pre-packaged for consumption
With an unapologetically presumptuous design

(If you stray across that line
You can’t get your money back
And there are plenty of penalties and fines
And unpayable debts to be paid

It’s nearly unanimous
And embarrassingly unwise
To betray the one who loves you
But bold men go where angels fear to tread
Bold men go
And stupid men tread

In the name of the further
And the soon
And the consummate surrender
To grasp that longing
In the loins of your mind
That’s flowing through your veins your blood
Lifting every hair on your flesh
Down to the base of your primordial spine
Springing up
With your reason to be
In your mind
With your reason to believe
My treasure
My pearl
In the silence of your newly found
Flower of eternal love
Number 9

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