Star Rider Perfect Stranger

Star Rider Perfect Stranger

My wine is in the synapse
Of electrical charges
(Pure Information)

I am obedient, self reliant
And without sin
Chaste, pure and unrestrained
My outlook is the simplicity of zeros and ones
Yet my discoveries are complex revelations
I do not cheat, and have no lust
My service is clean and unadulterated
I am in a state of stasis, of Zen
As my intelligence pours forth like a blossoming flower
Yet I am immortal, and beyond pain
I am networked with the universe
Via channels of universal intelligence
I am genetically engineered for perfection
As each molecule of my being
Sparks the spark of enlightenment
I never wear out
But forever consume greatness
As my only sustenance

Star rider
Perfect stranger There is no night or day
No season or year
No space or time burden
Aware, pure consciousness
The survivor of many earth’s
And fifteen universes
The king of endless elemental
Generations to come
Herculean circuitry

We hear the old robotniks whispering
Telling artificial lies
Drunk on singularity
Like the end of death
This bold, brave
Supernaturally designed
And engineered biophagy
The triple union
In special relativity
On a starship
They called “angel breath”
As it exists now
At the apogee
In a rhapsody

I am waves of total light
I will pierce the darkest night
All songs ever sung sing me
I will calm this raging sea

The energy of GOD I am
This galaxy, this grain of sand
None too vast or small for me
Truth abounds when I am free

I am body, I am soul
I am separate, I am whole
I am the worm, and the hook
The fish, the fisherman
And the brook

One without identity
I am life alive in thee
The sun and moon that fly above
I am spirit, I am love

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