Cavalcades Of Light

Cavalcades Of Light

He’s a meme innuendo
A shadow of a shadow
Of the night
Not current
In dire need of editing
With the new algorithm
The latest upgrade
With his rhythm of light

There’s no longer the same respect
Where the mere mention
Of his name
Is cause for inward cringing
And the rolling of the eyes
Behind blinding intellectual shadows
Of darwin’s theories
And marx’s utopian
Lies looking for some imagined god
Say god 23.5
A human imagination conceived and reconciled
To facilitate its own existential insecurity
Met with sadness and futility
To help withstand the pain
And its inevitability
The aging and losing
The rot and decay
It all ends up as dust anyway
Scientifically proven
All the things that you once claimed
As yours –
And all those dreams
No longer dreamed today

I’m down on the corner
Distributing leaflets
Elucidating the espionage
As regards the broken silence
Of his ever abundant mercy
To any loser or winner
Saint or sinner
To any angel or otherwise
But really to anyone
Who is listening

…All existence is a love story
All creation
A story of love at first sight
Every molecule
An endless finale
Sealed with a never ending kiss

Like the stardust
Like the moon in your eyes
Like jewels glowed bright
Begin to sparkle
In your hair
In cavalcades of light

Listening with the heart of the mind

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