Not Like Anyone Else

And as for the void
It’s not afraid to grind us down
Poco y poco
Not afraid to rub our noses
Humble scarlet
Roses blooming
Valentines breeding
Prisons of pulsing patterns
In the perpetual
New dawn new wave freedom

Let’s really change for a change
Like we had all the answers
Solved in a never say never
Do or die kind of way
Slaves of righteousness
All disease free
And consecrated

You can always fiddle with your bows
Or bring me around
As the thorn offers up
The sweet smelling rose
Say arrivederci
To the dream gone up her nose
Until the wild irish pain
Gets surreptitiously froze
You’ve been served
While there’s still half a chance
Go ask alice
Is a sweet perfume
Soaked in a moon filled
Type of trance
And like all things –
Not like anything else

A rose is a rose is a galaxy
Champagne with the caveat of mystery
So what if you’re heart is broken
It will heal
It will live again
It will rise
And stream like sunlight
Through the land of rock and roll

Once again
Like visions of sugar plums
Opening up in your soul

Like the ridiculous
Bottom line
We’re somehow
Already supposed to know

Even if it’s as a “stand in”
For a whole nother show
That must go on:

I celebrate
What makes you special in my eyes
And like all souls –
Not like anyone else

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