Fancy Danig Embers

Fancy Danig Embers

He’s not your very special flower
He bloomed late like in December
He tripped the knickerbocker rose
Down to the very nuts and bolts
Of toes
He played “let freedom ring” guitar
Strumming in new day yellow rhapsodies
He sings a slow ambrosial hour
He holds black belts in luck and liberty

Sometimes plastered
Sometimes up all night
Sometimes lost and broken from the light
Sometimes drawn
Into unwanted sin
Asking GOD to let him out or in

Right foot on the road
Left foot in another galaxy
No shirt, no game, no style, no symphony
Just one peasant’s praise
In honor of the King
In hopes the King would someday get a grin
That from the darkness
All this brightness sprung
In those famous thronged angelic hymns
Of fancy Danig Embers

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