The New True Believers

The New True Believers

St. John of the cross
Taught us
Of the dark night of the soul
How the lord turned his back on him
As did mother Teresa’s Lord
Like just going through the motions
Without any sweetness

But GOD becomes strong
In our weakness

I got some
Expensive lessons
In the sunset’s
Lonesome ritual
As regards the dark night
Of the human heart
The monotony
The repetition
The new true believers
The faithless religion
In the dark night
Of the zombie robot mind –
Those with an as long as you lose
I win type of attitude

One thing about suffering
It can go on
A very long time
Yet always ends

Same thing about happiness

As a result
I have concluded with satisfaction
That the only immortal words
Are what describe love
That deep within the nucleus
Of one’s own self
One finds the sublime essence
Of the true Lord’s elixir
A love that blossoms everywhere
In many a splendored rendition
In all its grand regalia of bloom
As Solomon’s sword
In the noon sun glistens…

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