The Dust Of Love

The Dust Of Love

The dust of dawn
Was originally harvested by the wind
The crimes of love not yet fathered
The dust of dreams
When the first cloud rolled in
To unveil the illustrious moon

The first storm came through
That time the universe
Committed suicide
And the stars rained down like thunder
In the beloved’s eyes
When the dust of love shot through
Where a nightmare was taken away
In the manger
The depth of love awakened
With the consistency of blood
The strength of iron
The warmth of gold
The conductivity of copper
And the crackling electrical juice
Of infinite infinity
By the silence of dust
Love planned it’s elegance
Through twilight’s evening’s
Dissonant rush
Fused within the sacrament
Of the “all” that unfurled
In secret
Hidden magic’s
Wild dark elderberry kiss

It’s not that the human mind
Cannot bear pain
That, it has become expert in

It’s that it can’t bear
The compassion
Can’t bear the authenticity of the light
Can’t appreciate the blessing
That is the gift of life
Can’t withstand the burden of love
Or accept the mercy in salvation
And forgiveness

Cannot bow

East west north south
Up down head feet
Quantum reality
Which way do we bow?

We bow in our heart…

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