Grizzled Warrior (final)

Grizzled Warrior

In a world
Where reputation is everything
Remove that
And you got yourself
A broken humanoid
Admitting failure does not omit factual details,
Staring failure in the face 24/7

And who’s to blame for that?
Now that they’re talking
Blame and fault and failure
According to the intergalactic bestseller
“The Game of Love”
Compared to the games of law
On earth
How could anyone be so dumb
How can anyone be that wise?

O Baba
You’ve made me well aware
Of my own insignificance
Sprinkled with the drama
Of the making of my own errors
And unknown errors
Looking like that’s my career decision
As an inner dimensional tutorial
As a true blessing of turmoil
In the long run I suppose
Am I now ready
For your greatness?

Though I’d settle
For your continued mercy

Very truly yours,

Your grizzled warrior
Ball don’t lie

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