Blown Away

Blown Away

May the myriad symphonies of love
Unveil for you
The holy hidden inner treasures
Through invisible doors
Of gratitude
Where choruses of angels
Resound with the bliss of worship
May the wild blue yonder’s of joy
Blossom high
In your impervious grind

Phantasmagorical flowers
The multifarious ties that bind
Nowhere north
South, east, or west
But inward
A reverential bow
Before the infinite mind
A genuflection
To be released

To escape from the worries
And the pain and the fear
Of getting old and getting older
Of being alone
Of losing youth
Of being a failure
It’s not my thing
Not anymore

To be aggravatingly focused
On the most important
Nonsense in the universe
I can do without
It’s not my cup of tea

Seduced by the ice cream
Like a peasant on the freeway
A Rolls Royce picks me up
And drops me
At the city dump
I’d rather say
Seek and you shall find

There’e a Oneness
We’re all privy to
A few nuts and bolts
And a couple of nano screws
A heart of praise and gratitude;
The game’s no longer played
For nickels and dimes

All sacred hearts have been broken
Pierced with arrows
Locked in chains
Crowned with thorns
In Jesuses name
Every knee shall bend
And every head shall bow
All conceit and pride now driven
Into the dust
And once again

Blown away

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