Jivatma Om Shiva (Final)

Jivatma Om Shiva (Final)

This state of concurrent awareness
Or where we are
In our
Inner march
Assimilating the language of the synapse
The sacred wine
The eternal bouquet
The ubiquitous mind –
Jivatma om shiva

Taking notes
Harboring decisions
Processing claims
Compiling composites
Outlining at random
Far flung extrapolations
Scrutinizing the unapparent
Calculating each involuntary
Twitch of a nerve –
Jivatma om shiva

And eventually
The bold initiation
An agreed upon rendezvous
Pushing onward
Focusing inward upward
To the next rung
Of tongue to the back
Of the rooftop
Wisdom sung –
Jivatma om shiva

Consciousness is everywhere
In everything
It knows and is
It loves and is the source of love –
The one and only love
With an unending depth of expression
Manifested in the miracle
Of every breath that we breathe –
Jivatma om shiva

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