Further On Down The Road

Further On Down The Road

We are individual microcosms
Microcosms of the unthinkably vast Macrocosm
Named GOD

GOD’s love
Shines though us most succinctly
BY our own ego’s defeat
Our pride and conceit overcome
Our suffering through GOD’s power
Manifested into deeper light
Surrendering at
The blossom of HIS lotus feet

If weakness overcomes strength
May I introduce you
To a close friend
Of mine,
Captain Karma –
The lord’s own right hand man

And if you can’t figure out
What strength and weakness really are
He’ll let you know
(The hard way)
What time it is

I do not recommend
Getting on his wrong side
Where I was buffeted quite severely
Due mostly to
My own ignorance
And lonesome desperation
Trying to find home, or a home

Not that I’m guilty
Or not guilty
Of having made my own mistakes
There are no excuses
But there are levels of culpability
Beyond what it currently known
That El Capitán will judge
Without bias either way
Further on down the road

Justice is GOD’s
But so are mercy and forgiveness

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