The Clarion Marion Berry Pie (Final)

The Clarion Marion Berry Pie

We can have it all
It can be all ours
Fame, beauty, adulation
Now that nothing meant nothing again
Magic Powers
She griped
You trade one in
And get another clever new addiction
Just as bright
A true beauty, both dark and light –

But fades in facades, it boutiques
Into “It’s bound to all end in tears”
Or just end
I can’t remember
Available for the trauma
Replete with the obligatory bite in the ass
True to life drama
To the inner most know it all –
Would you care for another slice?

Shouts the Clarion Marion Berry Pie

She let only a few souls see
The flower she secretly named
The polar vortex
Within the 84 lakhs of timelessness unfurling
Pruned optimistically
Not the comatose
Primrose path prescriptive
Sentencing in precision
Desiring and obtaining –
Lording, owning
Thriving on derision
In worship of
Yet another strawberry sunset mirage

The bells all ringing
The angels are singing
Huggers hugging fleers fleeing
The losers the leapers
The lovers and weepers
And if at first you don’t succeed

One birth
And one death
(Within which lives endless lives still calling
All the unknown worsts and bests)
Unto infinite knowledge, power and bliss
Not as marionettes, or slaves
But as heirs
Drenched with LOVE in all its glory…

Everyone’s our only hope
We’re everyone else’s only hope
Don’t take “me” so seriously
Or sell “me” short
Make it easy to say yes –
Live free or die!

Shouts the Clarion Marion Berry Pie

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