Lone Star Lover

Lone Star Lover


You are my lone star lover
How you shine
How you hover
Even in the darkest of skies


I’m just a gross plane drifter
A common crypto grifter
With a word to the wise

All unsanctioned action or desire
At whatever weight
Or with whatever fire

Or choose an icy road less travelled
And whatever gifted pleasure
Is induced or derived
An excuse that comes quickly
To the rational mind
The cost being usually
Some imperceptible prison
For the karmically blind

Or go ask Captain Karma
On the planes
In the drama
On the streets
Beyond the freeways
In those “bring us to our knees” ways
Where the real gold resides

I bow to the architect of Maya
And to the architect of prayer
To the architect of the symphony
Which makes us all aware

To the architect of angels
The architect of rain
And to the architect
Of the stardust
Running round through our brain

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