(Prelude to The Transmission)

The muse is playing
Hard to get
The Jokerman
That great mystical muse
That initial drop of a hat

If you need to call it GOD
Everyone’s and no one’s
Pick a card, any card
Nothing up my sleeve…


I’m not one for subtle movements
I like revolutions
Make me spin
I’m all for the forward motion
Enthrall me
I’m your thrifty win
Please do use the heavy make-up
I’m an actor
Learned my lines
You can scamper all you want to
But the Jokerman will find the find


I forbid you to look
I told you
My ancient eyes
My wisest wise
My sized size

I won’t let you relent
My one and only
My wholly flowing lonesome
Running swiftly slowly

Look, looky here
There’s more than the tiger lily bower bowing here
There’s more than the fore stuff
Of fore fathered furthered feathered
Waxing flexing
I’m silent like an apricot
Like a forest
I’m a millionaire
Hot like a fox trot

You’re after me
As I recline in silence falling
Falling after me
At the speed of light beyond beyond


You’re a flame!
You’re a hued blue corona
All those things
I triumphed and resisted
It radiated
You desired my soul
And when temptations burden
Thrilled the rest of me, and dances lifted
I was still your lonesome sojourner
In search for you
My lovely, mousey mystery
My wristed sister
My one and only mother mister


Not until you’ve been bewitched
Have you really been bewitched –
Bewitched by the mix
Of any witch’s
Missioned wish at all
To haunt and fix

You’re gonna catch me aren’t you
You’re gonna snuggle right up like love
Aren’t you
You’re gonna give me peaches without you
Or some such other foreign fortune
Ne’er to err or doubt you

When the jimmy jasper
Becomes the alabaster
And the fortune tooth
Flows floral now

My high wired engine
Puts to bed the quest
Through the wilderness
If you ain’t seen me comin

I’m your stone cold alibi
Your forked tongue speak
Luke recognize
High on another planet labeled infinite

Clearing traffic jams
Nothing is emptiness
Winning passage scams
There’s just one truth was told…



Under the spotlight
A dance before the universe
Of magnetic angelic majesties
From inner sanctums
Who make brief occasions of surfacing
To forecast yet another deeper love
To bring a meandering ragamuffin soul
Down and out the wholly holy hole
Lowly girl
Whom he took into his heart
And called love


It’s where the sweetness is
But ain’t where the gold is ground to blood
It passes near the never knows
Past the secret fabled mix of wine and blood
I grasped and asked and basked
And cast a spell on you
In a swollen holy monumental flood
And GOD made you come out of me
And he made me from mud


You’re not supposed to go against the grain
You’re not supposed to color outside the lines
Or make a drift against the true
Lucky if you dare
Lucky if you do
Applause if you do
Misery if you do
But that’s what we’re here for
Lucky if you dare, lucky if you do…

You’re not supposed to shine inside my heart


I found this jewel
Hidden at a roadside yard sale
Spread out for all those manic rounders
To search for, to hope for
To steal, to possess
To discover and make use of
Hidden somewhere beyond
The table of many knickknacks
Over there
Beyond the false treasure
Beyond the extra special measure
Beyond the game of jacks
Beyond the shakespeare’s
Beyond the ostentatious lamps of gold
Beyond the raspberry amethyst yantra

Cast aside
On the table
Left for useless
A lark
A pearl
A whim
A ghost
A treasure

I found it
I proclaimed it as my own
While everyone else
Considered it just another trinket
Strewn amongst the nothingness
Left out for the flies
And the sun
At the young picnic
Available to dogs


See this is how the stardust works
The way the light runs right through your system
The way it jostles into space just so
The way it wraps around your venus finger
There’s no barrier for the blood
There’s no equator for these encased equations
Why a heart opens up
Right up to love

It’s in her tantric mantric gust of hair
It’s in her musky husky hips
It’s in her lily lips and angel flare
It’s from an ancient salient needful dare
It’s forever hanging red
On that there yonder tree

The love of love
The love of love of older love
The love of new born love
The lost and lonely love
The love of “you’re the one and only love”

We live forever as consciousness
With a rose bouquet and heart on fire
Fresh in from an eastern sea
Entombed by boring intellect
Took a gander at the stars
Glad to see I finally found you
Though I’m recent back from Mars
Left some diamonds on the table for you
Love to put my arms around you
Thank you thank you
Thank you thrice,
Majesty my majesty


When I finally come to my dying day
Will I say goodbye to me
Or stay
To droop along
On the honey hocks
Drunken lilacs
Or will I muscle up and go around
The paths that make me play
Along the long along
And roll the ball right up that day
Like Sisyphus, I hear you say
Or if my silent sounding sourced magnificence
To be the cosmic calling calling call
Something someone guessed
I never planned
This wondrous sunshine vest
This universe
To be in me
This wine and blood
This graveyard
This rising
This resurrection
This famous
This nothingness

The waves roll
The snow clears
We’re on the crest
Never fear
Never rest
The side show gets lame here
The bars close
The sky clears
The range yellows
The truth frees
We’re rainbows
We’re jewels of peace


It’s never too late
To just bloom
To open up wide like a rose
In June
To rocket up high like a rocket man
Or shuffle them cards like Steely Dan

But you’re not supposed to go against the grain
Or sneak outside just to run in the rain
Or color outside the lines
Or change one gene in a dominant strain
Or buck the system or complain
Or shine so bright inside my soul tonight
With your inner eye candle flame
I got sunshine in the pouring rain
In a holy transcendental vein
When you came out of me
And from the mud
I came


Love is GOD
Remove yourself from the long and winding
Hide and seek boogaloo down broadway list
Time to awaken
Time to accept
That’s the Master’s touch
Where we all come to know the know
That we’re lost in a prison of unending love


She had a scent that filled his desire
As one sacred individual rose
Half in beauty half in majesty
Half on fire
In lilies pressed purple pressed
And squeezed and pressed
A stolen rolling ball of thunder
A yantra
A mantra
A cinder
A crest
All impressed

Inner mandala
Solemn beauty
Maya woven tapestry
Lucky Lady Liberty?
Lucky Lady Liberty!


I’ve gone within
Within and without
I fell into the silent open stream
We’re just lucky guys
I guess
The sun’s sure shining down
As we go the rings around
The round around
I think that you should know
We’ve all been shown the show
To show
The tiny sweetness that emits
The tender known approval magic mountain bliss
Rocks and worlds
All in just one kiss
The sun at midnight
The science of silence
The moon through ambrosia
The white dove on the window sill
The star of stars


You’re the treasure trove
You’re a holy grail
A ball of luminous awareness
And just another so and so
I’m not complaining
I’m on fire
Everything is victory

My darling
Unlove me not
You know I’m not a lawyer
I asked of you a blue wire infamy
You gave me a wild red symphony
I asked you for a poppy seed
You gave me a rhododendron
You flashed up like fire
I saw it in your eyes your wires
I saw it in your heart
I saw it in your lonesome
I saw it in your waltz
I saw it in your wine
Alive in everything


There’s got to be blossoms in paradise
Made of thoughts that I’m thinking of you
Blessed with pink aura waves poltergeist
Blossoming simmering
Oversight white
Focused on ether’s of blue

Hot off of the presses
Get yours if it impresses
No need to be emptying anything
Got your fossil, got your fuel
Got your smack
There’s just enough hope to rope everything
And just enough back to get back
I’m your bright shiny polished found souvenir
I’m your witness
I’m your hard won
I’m your wolverine


Trinkets and jewels are shallow
Wealth’s attainment is hollow
Power is for an hour
Then it’s a mind fuck
Beauty and pleasure are fleeting

So, who heckles the jeckle
Of the snow-white dove
And who gets to mainline
His infinite love

The parade is happening
All in love’s name
And it vibrates into everything


GOD’s Mercy
Is like a gambler on an endless winning streak
Like some deep
Mysterious mojo
But enduring
Like a holy dynamism that guides us
And augments the beauty we all have innately

The body is nice
But the soul
Is what gets us places
Who needs electricity?
We’re primped and pumped
With some insane juice
The holy rolling flooded flower father kundalini
We’re in love after all
The holy rolling flowing flooded flowers
There’s an eternity to begin with
And the purple velvet heather meadow beckons
And we’ve just begun to dance


Hear the mountains coronet the realms of St. John
As infinite mercy draws right from wrong
The palace of forgiveness burns bright tonight
If you want GOD to drive better hold on tight
He knows all about our secrets and lies
His love supersedes all the worldly wise…

Over the howls
And the growls
Through the lost hope bowels
And the unsavory hollows
With all the “throw it in” towels
Where the owls watch close
As the alley cat prowls
And the flip flop meandering ragamuffin follows

We are the creatures of GOD
Our souls won’t rest until they rest in Him

They called him the Jokerman of GOD
The Jokerman of GOD
But a fool amongst men


And here’s to you
Bold sojourner
On open roads I call
Through night’s vast and endless
Wonder walls
Pour light’s veiled eternal shawl
Of fountained love to you I drink
An endless stroke of luck
In love’s deep and everlasting kiss

And here’s to you
Lucky lady liberty
On open roads
Through nectar nexus nodes
On power trips
Through night’s vast and endless
Hinter winter wonder rolls
Of un-lived love
On inner heights
For higher pearls
Great daffodils
In vineyard moons
On grape and vine
Long lasting strained
All proper primed
And money pure
Unto you my charm –
My cry me a river
My down sink or swim
My heart throb’s
Never ending beauregard
My guinevere
My never fail
My win or lose
My never fold

And here’s to you
My winsome lonesome dove
Deeper younger wonder why
On open roads to never ever dies
It’s in the way the nectar’s druthers
Drips and drops
The drive that sprites to silence
Diamond true
Past night’s storm elixir sky
Of fountained love full of hope
I climb
A throated fervent
Tantric rhapsody
An ancient never ending
Falls for you

That pure core
That higher oneness-come
That inner buddha charm
That gallant lark
That cross to bear
That lucky run
Between the wisdom and the legalese
The magic palace
Of your wondrous love

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