The Suffering That It Takes

The Suffering That It Takes

I’m in the here and now….Wow!
Is it not amazing?
Being human
Created in the likeness
Of pure, impeccable, unimpeachable LOVE

And have a front row seat for it?

I give it all up to THEE
But I could just as easily ask
(As another boxer circles fast)
… WTF?

With no memory
Of my punch drunk millions of former bouts
I need to roll with
A few solid left hooks
That I didn’t see, but didn’t look
You know, like they say
Pick yourself up off the canvas
And relax

Sincerity bleeds poems
Asleep or awake
Hey get your cold beer
Make me feel great
I’m sick and tired
Of the sad craziness too
It appears to be our fate

But it’s not as though I’m innocent
Of the war
Of ignorance within my own soul,
The lust, anger, the greed, pride
The attachment
The fear, the hate

I offer it all up to
The great Giver of Mercy

With all the suffering that it takes

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