What Mercy Really Is

What Mercy Really Is

You’re 5 foot, 5 inches in heels
A little Napoleon, so to speak,
You’re thinking 5 years down the road
Fifty at most,
What about 50,000 years down the road?

Now put your atrocities in perspective

Who will care then about your foolish pride?
Or about your minuscule stature?
How much power will you have then?
Who will tell you then
Communism leads to unthinkably
Inhumane barbarism
Because communism refuses to recognize
The One Creator,
It, as a system, depends on godlessness
To spread its own innate corruption
Spawned by the selfishness
Inherent in the human soul
To justify atrocities – and call them beautiful
To justify hate – and call it love

Who will listen 
To your  baseless, self-serving lies then?

Dear GOD,
Have mercy on Vladimir Putin
And put him down,
Like the rabid dog that he’s become
So he will learn what mercy really is

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