Maya (Illusion & Delusion)

Maya (Illusion & Delusion)

Is a life and death game
No need to do the arithmetic
The handwriting is on the wall
Kisser of Vladimir Putin’s ring
Thrown into the bottomless fire
Into the gnashing and grinding of teeth
There is nothing
That is not of GOD
Layered in a bed of potent endlessness

But I know so little
You might as well
Call it nothing
Infinite knowledge, power and bliss

Wisdom innately forever grows & grows
And reaches fulfillment
After you might as well say
60,000,000 or so variegated lifetimes
Or you might as well say
A very long long time –
Unto glorified Oneness
With Conscious Perfection

All that poets deal
Improvise and renovate
All that poets steal
From a future life
Known as time and space
Does not matter

Only Divine Love is real

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