Wayfarer Station

Wayfarer Station

Everybody’s looking for
That one way sweetness

Everybody’s dying
For a reason to believe

Waiting like a wayfarer
At the waylaid station
For the next
Space/Time continuum
Antigravity machine

Even if we were all
Equivalent millionaires
It would just mean we were all
Now equally poor
Equally bored, equally trained, equally robotic
Equally everything
And nobody around left
To do all the dirty work
From addiction to the illusion
Of false happiness
And her unavoidable companion: suffering
And delusions of power
Through the finer precepts and passions
On the inner autobahns of exultation

Even if I was a great mathematician
And I could extrapolate
The elegance
In every relationship/equation
That caused beauty

I could never equate
Or explain away
The altogether
Startling beauty of Oneness
That GOD’s Love makes

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