Hopes To Survive

Hopes To Survive

I just realized today
I might never see you again
I just moved wayaway
Perhaps not so faraway today
As information’s technical recognizance
Kicks in
More to survive
Even though I’m old
I will be born anew again

To actually one day stop wishing
On a star
One of those wild dreams
That fade slowly away
That never had much hope to come true
As regards my heart
Who do you think you are
Certainly not to get away from you
In hopes to survive
In adoration of the light

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

So what if you’re heart is broken
It will heal
It will live again
It will rise
And stream like sunlight
Through the land of rock and roll

Once again
Like visions of sugar plums
Opening up in your soul

Like the ridiculous
Bottom line
We’re somehow
Already supposed to know

If it’s as a stand in
For a whole nother show
That must go on…

The Great Benefactor

The Great Benefactor

Somewhere within
A great benefactor
Would you perceive it
As a woman or a man?

Who cares what our perception is?

Lets shuffle the binary deck
Let’s roll the duplicitous dice
Snake eyes!
You now glow in the dark
And ask
Why the hatred, fear, death, pain
And all the sadness
If GOD were a nice guy

I think I know the answer
Only drowning souls can see him
So say the great benefactor
Ball don’t lie

Love is the only sanskara
That won’t let go
What should I say
GOD created itself?

I now am humbled before
The great provider
The great leader of the caravan
The great finagler of the impossible
The primordial architect
Of the soul

Flower Of Eternal Love Number 9

Flower Of Eternal Love Number 9

No matter what treasure
What power
What pleasure
Whatever rationalized explanation
Is being sold or offered
Or pre-packaged for consumption
With an unapologetically presumptuous design

(If you stray across that line
You can’t get your money back
And there are plenty of penalties and fines
And unpayable debts to be paid

It’s nearly unanimous
And embarrassingly unwise
To betray the one who loves you
But bold men go where angels fear to tread
Bold men go
And stupid men tread

In the name of the further
And the soon
And the consummate surrender
To grasp that longing
In the loins of your mind
That’s flowing through your veins your blood
Lifting every hair on your flesh
Down to the base of your primordial spine
Springing up
With your reason to be
In your mind
With your reason to believe
My treasure
My pearl
In the silence of your newly found
Flower of eternal love
Number 9

On A Soapbox For Know It Alls

On A Soapbox For Know It Alls

My fellow assholes
I have something to say to you
You know who you are

Take it as a high honor
As a white badge of shining light
If far left and right, radical
Ultra maoist hail hitler centurion
Wannabe jail-keepers
Censor your ass

Take it as a gift from GOD
Take it as a 21 gun
Salute from the soul
The 21st gun is shot

Take the 21st bullet
Into the depth of your heart
But the soul doesn’t die

I need for you to dance
Not just tap your toe
I feel it in my stars
I feel it in your rock and roll
I feel like I owe it all to someone
In this prison without bars
On a soapbox for know it alls
From the hollows of my soul

A Different Kind Of King

A Different Kind Of King

Not every person’s
Station in life
Reflects the quality
Of what they say

I’ve heard heads of state
Say stupid things
You’d normally attribute to a 5 year old

And then a nothing man
Name of Rodney King
Comes waltzing through
And oh by the way
“Can we all just get along?”

You Alone Exist # 58215

You Alone Exist # 58215

You alone know my inner pain
What can anyone else know?
Heavenly Father
You do all that is beautiful and true
Who should I call a liar?
You who pervade
And are the source of all
My savior
Everyone is meditating on you
Everyone begs from you
Whether they know it or not
All are under your control
All kneel to your power and authority
He is a He and He is a She
My king
All will merge and be absorbed
Back into you
Beloved Father
You alone exist

Involution Revelation

Involution Revelation

I can’t put it into words but
The kundalini is the kundalini
Think tesla
All along the base of the sushumna
The ida and the pingala
The living experiential
Igniter of
The inner truth masterpiece
Yin and yang
Awareness ablaze
Saint of energy
Adi shakti
Coiled up in the spine
At the wedding feast
In cana
In estacada
In nature’s palace
Inebriated with holy wine
In a veiled synaptic
Involution revelation
The Individual within all individual
Ocean drops
In the forbidden words of alice
Think you got yourself a winner
Row row row your boat
Gently down the infinite river
Down the infinite gurdwara freeway
Where the guru’s shabad saturates
The soul with bliss
Where the lord’s perfect truth roars
Like a lioness
Like the brilliant white tantra
Of the soul

My Room

I’m taking about that special place
Where race and creed and
Sociocultural struggles
Do not exist
Where hearts don’t break
A place where people find
Their happinesses
Amidst what they can do to give,
Where it’s do unto others
As you would have them do unto you
Where work is worship
Art a prayer
Found in a book of white pages
With no names

Unto the one almighty
Infinite lord of musicality
Where the EYE of eyes shall see
And every knee shall bend
What would a world
Without prisoners do?

But take me back to the source
Without any beginning or end
Pull the shades down
Inside of me
Light a candle so I can see
Pull your heart down slowly
To my room

Thank goodness GOD is love

The Dharma Of The Everything

The Dharma Of The Everything

Work is worship
Especially service thought undignified
But success invites failure
And failure success
While everybody’s at the soiree
There is no religion
But politics
Or there’s nothing but religion

Which is a bridge
Which is a precipice
Which leads to peace
(The person, not the state)
Which leads to the liberation
Of the soul
Which leads to all the grand vistas
Chock full of beautiful
Delectable diabolical
Forms of emptiness
As a goal
With all the buried confidantes
Of hate to lift the latch
Trying to resist
The drama of the NOTHING
In deference to
The dharma