GOD is ever-present Mercy
A flood of benevolence
A balm for the feet of the weary
Sojourner soul
We the people
Just stop the world
And feel the choir of the Mystery
Of the Majesty
Unconfined through our being
Like a miracle fountain
Just beginning to surge

They clue us in
An unthinkably slow waterfall
Called you live and you learn
A prayer, a lie
Happens predominantly
On different planes or levels
Of our own individually unique
Within a vast hierarchy of Consciousness
Where we reside as so many awarenesses
In the material
But subtle and mental worlds as well

Please tap into the spaceless, timeless
Infinite Masterpiece
There is hidden a priceless pearl
And all the innumerable avenues true
And false dead ends
On the long and winding road
To the fuming wastelands
Of many apparent catastrophes –

Just bumps in the road
Along the way
Where we fail and fall and die and rot
And rise and are reborn
Built upon the many impossible victories
And disasters
No one remembers
And all the beautiful poems written
Never heard by anyone
In the land of no death
And no tears
Only Salvation –

Where we all
One day come to confess
What a long, strange
Trip it’s been
Aways will be
Well worth it
Beloved Avatar – the real awakener
I’m not going to waste your time –
Meher Baba

I cling to the damaan of
His holy robe of Love
Every human is a seeker
It is written
In the dust of endless Magnanimity
Of a new and more perfect Masterpiece
Awoke awake awakening


Marion Berry Cobbler

Marion Berry Cobbler

Hell is witnessing the damage
Or ill effects we may have caused
In people or otherwise
All of them. Known to unknown
Consciously or unconsciously

All those knotted
Unnatural sanskaras within
Where the dark never dies
Just take a click on this here camera
Well I come from Alabama
Sponsored by them
Dignitaries of lies

But who cares
It’s all Baba
Go look
There’s a strawberry cheesecake
Or coconut cream pie
Imprisoned by our imagination
Here we are
Or maybe I should give
Marion berry cobbler a try


The Holy Tabernacle of Love

The Holy Tabernacle of Love

Or when the blood of Jesus
Is the mercy of Meher Baba
Or Mohamed’s midnight ride with Gabriel
From the foundation
Through the stars
Past the artillery, to circumvent
The greed and corruption in Science
You’d think it was the Vatican
You’d think it was Jerusalem
Beyond the manny tombs and ruins
Of the pied pipers
Of mayhem
Opium is the opium of the masses
Certified by science
Assuring blameless greed fulfilled
For the blind masters of unthinkable power
And devastation
Working to destroy
The holy tabernacle of LOVE


Maya (Illusion & Delusion)

Maya (Illusion & Delusion)

Is a life and death game
No need to do the arithmetic
The handwriting is on the wall
Kisser of Vladimir Putin’s ring
Thrown into the bottomless fire
Into the gnashing and grinding of teeth
There is nothing
That is not of GOD
Layered in a bed of potent endlessness

But I know so little
You might as well
Call it nothing
Infinite knowledge, power and bliss

Wisdom innately forever grows & grows
And reaches fulfillment
After you might as well say
60,000,000 or so variegated lifetimes
Or you might as well say
A very long long time –
Unto glorified Oneness
With Conscious Perfection

All that poets deal
Improvise and renovate
All that poets steal
From a future life
Known as time and space
Does not matter

Only Divine Love is real


Amethyst Wineshop

Amethyst Wineshop

This is the drug I use
To help me feel better
I prescribe it to myself
Thank you very much

I toad the line
And practiced even better
But there’s nothing that I found there
Just the same


I got a few
Bottles of wine
Brought back from the amethyst wineshop

Should I drink them all myself
Or give them all away?


I Believe You Believe

I Believe You Believe

One of the ultimate goals of human life
Is to transcend our animal nature
Our lust anger greed pride and attachment
Like an endless river

To be fully human
Or a being mind of light
Who cares if we’re wrong or right
In the things
That truly bring us interior kingdoms of delight
I believe you believe
In secular humanism

If everyone lit just one little candle




Perhaps somewhere
In our grand insignificance
We find our true worth
Just a thread streaming through the infantry
Death and birth and death and birth

Perhaps somehow
In perfect silence
The universe was formed
To manifest GOD’s utter greatness
Consciousness was born




I can only hope
To spread and experience
The King of angels

What isn’t experienced
Can’t be spread
Everything else has a cold
And vacant sheen
That once raged deep 
Into the dying of the light

Hitting the keyless key
With my Jupiter finger
Pressing down hard
On what I’m told
I can’t remember or forget

Clap your hands
I’m on a mission
Clap your hands
I’m plotting sub divisions
My impassioned activision
May be my stone cold now submission
Until I come to one day –


A Sense of Shame

A Sense of Shame

I am thankful
I still have a sense of shame

Otherwise I might try to rationalize
Or theologize or even try to justify
The horror occurring in the Ukraine

After all
We’re still infected
By the political insanity
And unnecessary human suffering
Caused by the illegitimate birth
Of Corona 19
Killing and still killing millions

Let’s somehow equivocate the evil attack
On liberty and democracy –
On any form of freedom
With the unprovoked invasion
And murder of mere thousands
Of the peaceful men, women
And children of Ukraine

Don’t Ukrainian lives matter?
The only difference being that
One is directly from human to human
Like Cane to Abel –
In GOD’s face

The other just
Another scientific mistake

Lucky to still have
A sense of shame


The Suffering That It Takes

The Suffering That It Takes

I’m in the here and now….Wow!
Is it not amazing?
Being human
Created in the likeness
Of pure, impeccable, unimpeachable LOVE

And have a front row seat for it?

I give it all up to THEE
But I could just as easily ask
(As another boxer circles fast)
… WTF?

With no memory
Of my punch drunk millions of former bouts
I need to roll with
A few solid left hooks
That I didn’t see, but didn’t look
You know, like they say
Pick yourself up off the canvas
And relax

Sincerity bleeds poems
Asleep or awake
Hey get your cold beer
Make me feel great
I’m sick and tired
Of the sad craziness too
It appears to be our fate

But it’s not as though I’m innocent
Of the war
Of ignorance within my own soul,
The lust, anger, the greed, pride
The attachment
The fear, the hate

I offer it all up to
The great Giver of Mercy

With all the suffering that it takes