Let’s Rock the Cradle

Let’s Rock the Cradle

It’s like Tai Chi
It’s like medicine
It’s like pay back
It’s like ‘what is to come’
It’s like a drop of the box of 50 I-Ching sticks
To be razor precise random
Has side effects
Rippling through
Another vast primeval power trip
Lost in the song of songs
Dazed by a sip and a dip
Another universe freed across
An unthinkably vast
Imaginary banquet table
Where sit a deeply loyal inner circle
Bustling with the frenzy of secret whisperings
Jealous for the darshan of supreme love
Without equal
With no label
Just a shout out
Like a gossamer thread
Walt Whitman Spiderman like cable
If you’re able
Unwound sanskaric darshan binding
Light from every single molecule en masse
Of the ace of hearts laid smack against the table
Like the leaves of grass
All things must pass
A song of courage strewn beneath
The grander fable
Another ‘fill ‘er up with gas’
Another just keep on keepin’ on
As if you were clark gable,
In case they ask


The Ego of the Now

The Ego of the Now

Man the humanly conceived
Mental associations
Of cosmic forces
Good and bad
Whatever “the ego of the now” endorses
Are anchors to the crown
Serving only the titanic me
Of “me”

Remember the Chintaamani
The lost chord
The priceless pearl
The perfect oneness
Where perfect waves
Of subtle energy resound

Now you see me
Now you don’t as always
Until you see me Everywhere
And in all things forever
I could be your generic weisenheimer
Just your run of the mill noon day
Dumb fuck wannabe
Chasing the unstruck melody
Trying not to be an ass


Our Only Faithful Friend

Our Only Faithful Friend

I thought I came
To understand love
When you dream
Those days of wine and roses
Will never end

But I came to the conclusion
True love is not complete
Until it shatters the illusion
In those days when the Lord
Becomes our only
Faithful friend



Baba said no need to ask for guidance
Consider your self guided
If you recite these two prayers
Out loud once a day

The Parvardigar Prayer

O Parvardigar – the Preserver and Protector of All
You are without beginning and without end
Non Dual
Beyond comparison and
None can measure you
You are without color, without expression
Without form and without attributes
You are unlimited and unfathomable
Beyond imagination and conception
Eternal and imperishable
You are indivisible and none can see You
But with eyes Divine
You always were
You always are
And You always will be
You are everywhere
You are in everything
And You are also beyond everywhere
And beyond everything
You are in the firmament and in the depths
You are manifest and unmanifest
On all planes and beyond all planes
You are in the three worlds
And also beyond the three worlds
You are imperceptible and independent
You are the Creator
The Lord of Lords
The knower of all minds and hearts
You are Omnipotent and Omnipresent
You are knowledge infinite
Power infinite and Bliss Infinite
You are the ocean of Knowledge
All knowing
Infinitely knowing
The knower of the past
The present and the future
And You are knowledge itself
You are all-merciful and eternally benevolent
You are the Soul of souls
The one with infinite attributes
You are the trinity of truth
Knowledge and bliss
You are the source of truth
The ocean of love
You are the Ancient one
The Highest of the High
You are Prabhu and Parmeshwar
You are the Beyond God
And the Beyond-Beyond-God also
You are Parabrahma
And GOD – the Beloved

You are named Ezad
The only One
Worthy of worship.

Prayer of Repentance

We repent
O GOD most merciful
For all our sins
For every thought
That was false or unjust or unclean
For every word spoken
That ought not to have been spoken
For every deed done
That ought not to have been done

We repent for every deed and word and thought
Inspired by selfishness
And for every deed and word and thought
Inspired by hatred
We repent most specially
For every lustful thought and every lustful action
For every lie
For all hypocrisy
For every promise given but not fulfilled
And for all slander and back-biting

Most specially also
We repent for every action
That has brought ruin to others
For every word and deed
That has given others pain
And for every wish that pain should befall others

In your unbounded mercy
We ask you to forgive usO GOD
For all these sins committed by us
And to forgive us for our constant failures
To think and speak and act
According to your will.

Meher Baba




Despite the great beauty
Despite the awe and wonder
Despite all the givers
The courageous
The fighters for what’s right
I’ll just say it
Despite all the adorned and unadorned
Saints of our world
Despite GOD’s mercy
Despite GOD’s patience and forgiveness
Despite GOD’s love

If all the selfish and ignorant things
In our corrupt human culture
Were suddenly revealed
And dumped into
Our human minds

We would abandon the world
Become hermits, renunciates
We’s take up our sackcloth
Roll around in the ashes
And pray
To see the GOD alone
And forever in all people