Rock the Cradle

Rock the Cradle

It’s like Tai Chi
It’s like medicine
It’s like pay back
It’s like ‘what is to come’
It’s like a drop of the box
Of 50 I-Ching sticks
To be razor precise random still
Has side effects
Rippling through
Another vast primeval power trip
Lost in the song of songs
Dazed by a sip and a dip
Another universe freed across
An unthinkably vast
Imaginary banquet table
Where sit a deeply loyal inner circle
Bustling with the frenzy
Jealous for the darshan of supreme love
Without equal
With no label
Just a shout out
Like a gossamer thread
Walt Whitman
Spiderman like cable
If you’re able
Unwound sanskaric darshan binding
Light from every single molecule en masse
Like an ace of hearts laid smack against the table
Like leaves of grass
And all things must pass
A song of courage strewn beneath
The grander fable
Another “fill ‘er up with gas”
If anyone should ask
As if you were clark gable


Go God


Everything is the guru
But deep within
The Holy Spirit
Jesus, the savior

Go Meher Baba
Go Mohammed
Go Buddha
Go Krishna Devi
Go Parvardigar

Go the vedas
Go the scriptures
Go the bible
Go blessed mother adi shakti
Blessed BE

Go atheism
Taking a avalanche of belief

Go the koran and Bhagavad Gita
Go Ganesha and Brahmas
Go the only one worthy of worship

Democracy crumbles without
The freedom to practice
And covey non-material belief…

*Note to reader: First Amendment –
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Freedom of religion or religious liberty is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance. It also includes the freedom to change one’s religion or beliefs, “the right not to profess any religion or belief or “not to practice a religion”.

Freedom of religion is considered by many people and most nations to be a fundamental human right. In a country with a state religion, freedom of religion is generally considered to mean that the government permits religious practices of other sects besides the state religion, and does not persecute believers in other faiths (or those who have no faith).

Freedom of belief is different. It allows the right to believe what a person, group, or religion wishes, but it does not necessarily allow the right to practice the religion or belief openly and outwardly in a public manner, a central facet of religious freedom. The term “belief” is considered inclusive of all forms of irreligion, including atheism and humanism.


Magnificat Rose

Magnificat Rose

He is buddha consciousness
And not buddha consciousness
He died beneath the bodhi tree
Thousands of summers ago

He is the atman and paramatma
The atom and the adam
But he would politely decline the offer

He’s been a He
And she’s been a She
But now we’re grasping at straws

He is mohamed
And the message he gave through mohamed
Mohamed alone
And Mohamed not alone

He is the light and the darkness
And the balance of light and darkness
And the abode beyond
The ever-deepening and widening balance
Of the light and the darkness

He is indescribable
Yet constantly described 
Like a sun filled palace
Beauty transmuted into ecstasy
The sighing
Crying multi-universal 
Infinite loop de loop mojo spree

O lucid wisdom shorn
Individually unique as adorned
Manifested brilliantly as love 
On fire with form
With our own keys and gateway traces
Our own shiny jewels and criminal cases
Our own diagnostic static
Stairway stasis 
Burning red demographic fire
All preaching, all describing, all racing
All swirling 
All knowing…
O magnificat rose
To the humble blue humility in the tangents
Through the tantric white galactic 
In the silence
Of the requisite atomic weight of grace
There’s no deeper wine than love 
And so the pentagram plays
Ancient and newborn
An omnipotent push
How deep in the fire
Of the non-burning bush?
Just a drip of the bright
Buzzing amber blue 
Pineal flood

No echoes
No rewinding hyperbolic twists
No virtuosos
No polished young quick
Shiny crooked cracked
And hacked and whacked

No Zeldas for Kramers
No Greta Garbos
No Cassius Clays
No joltin’ Joe DiMaggios’
Withstood a crazed
Walt Whitman ranting daze
He who sings the song I sing inside me
Into the mystic summer haze
Through the haunted autumn crush
Took every hook was hocked 
Or honied honing right on in
The brush the blush
The stain the sin
The satan
Crystal darwinian faceted mystic prism random
Re-up-took lite
Going up in bright
Rocketing spiraled spark-ed darts
Of twisted convoluted night
Diamond tungsten nanite strings
Gold the biting blinging ringing diamond clutch
As a drunken lilac
Full throttle throttling

Forever sings


A Million Things

A Million Things

A rustler of words
Once heard GOD say

“What do you want?”

And the rustler replied:

“YOU’RE asking me?
YOU, WHO comprehend
Every particle of my being
WHO are alive
In every breath I breath
YOU, WHO are my future and my past
WHO know what I want
Even before I ask
Must I bore YOU with the details
Where the four crows fly
And the devil sings?

I’d ask for a million things
All, if got, meaning nothing
If not sanctified by YOUR LOVE”

Another Spin

Another Spin

Though the ferris wheel
Raises us up and down
And the tilter-whirl
Takes us
Round the round around
As the roulette wheel
Better stop on red or black
Or who knows how or where or why
Or when
Or green

By the grinding wheel
We are ground down
All aboard another trance
Another merry go round
The earth
The sun and the moon
The stars
How innumerable galaxies
In great vastness swim
Though if the truth be told
May only be found
Infinitely In

Want ironclad proof
You’ll have to take her up
On that offer
For another spin…

Wisdom 1:1-7

Wisdom 1:1-7

Love justice, you who judge the earth;
    think of the Lord in goodness,
    and seek him in integrity of heart;
Because he is found by those who test him not, 
    and he manifests himself to those who do not disbelieve him.
For perverse counsels separate a man from God,
    and his power, put to the proof, rebukes the foolhardy;
Because into a soul that plots evil, wisdom enters not,
    nor dwells she in a body under debt of sin.
For the holy Spirit of discipline flees deceit
    and withdraws from senseless counsels;
    and when injustice occurs it is rebuked.
For wisdom is a kindly spirit,
    yet she acquits not the blasphemer of his guilty lips;
Because God is the witness of his inmost self
    and the sure observer of his heart
    and the listener to his tongue.
For the Spirit of the Lord fills the world,
    is all-embracing, and knows what man says.

Hopes To Survive

Hopes To Survive

I just realized today
I might never see you again
I just moved wayaway
Perhaps not so faraway today
As information’s technical recognizance
Kicks in
More to survive
Even though I’m old
I will be born anew again

To actually one day stop wishing
On a star
One of those wild dreams
That fade slowly away
That never had much hope to come true
As regards my heart
Who do you think you are
Certainly not to get away from you
In hopes to survive
In adoration of the light

After Chinese

After Chinese

If there wasn’t a creator
Before creation
There is one now
Without the tricks of the trade
Without the frame by frame
Imperceptible jabs and hooks
Or the hacks
With the silent invisible names
With no ropes or digits
Or chains
No wires or scissors
Or DNA strands or strains
Of human brains
And certainly no religion
That old man river
Quasi quantum liberation
Post delusional
Fame infused glamor jaded
Eager to surrender
Stepped upon a covert crack
Not to interrupt the games

Immaculate mary
Our hearts are on fire
As we dabble
In the glitter
Groveling in the ash
In noncompliant sparks
And electrical
Chargers, flickers and connections
With impressively thick wads
Of self detonating cash
While mixing yet another cocktail
Fix in illusion
At a minuscule rendezvous crossroads
Burned through like one consecrated
Prick of a tantric laser focused
Burning branding tattoo
Thousand petal lotus
Just relax
In a space/time vortex consortium
Through the ancient silent salient
Fortune cookie proclamation
After chinese
Comes this very special announcement:

Great good fortune now awaits us all
And we’ve just begun to dance

Big Dream

I had this big dream
And we all know
What happens most of the time
With big dreams

I keep dreaming to myself
I’ll put all my poems together
And put them in a nice big book
Old fashioned, hardcover, great binding
No dust cover needed
But engraved in gold type
With the title of the book
And my name in modest letters
At the bottom
Maybe 500 hundred of them
Signing them all
Until someone or some occasion
In posterity discovers them
And a spark catches fire
And a fire makes a blaze
And the children of tomorrow
Will drink it up these poems like
A cup of cool water
After burning from the inside
For untold days
And those 500 copies make someone
Or many someone’s
A small fortune

But in the end
Its nothing but dust
Nothing but ash
Who will ever remember
One word of my poems
Or anyone else’s
After a hundred thousand years
What difference does
Any of it make
It’s commendable to have kept trying
For any period at all

Perhaps delusional
We don’t know yet
But commendable

A Fool For You

A Fool For You

I never knew
What congratulations meant

What a fool

Now I do

So I stray away from ingratiation
With a great big smile
Right out of the blue

See my teeth
The muscles flex inside my cheeks
That means I’d like to bond with you
At least for a little while
At least I think I do

Someday they’ll completely understand
The weakness behind the strength
That makes me just another man
Who’s always
Never been

A fool for you