Between this and that
And the other thing
I forget
But when we talk about LOVE
There’s no here or there
Or anywhere

GOD gave us this world
Through the rock, plant
And animal kingdoms
Along with the shedding
And remaking
Of our old animal
And new human sanskaras
Once they’ve been exhausted
And now the first sanskaras
Of involution
I said to myself
That’s irrelevant
We need a four leaf 20 carrot gold
Hundred proof
Not another violin soliloquy
It’s just an act of worship
At the feet
Of the Holy Name of infinite Perfection
And yes I’m still
Talking about LOVE

I’d say stay safe
Don’t do anything
Stay inside
Everything is dangerous
As if that were “Thee Premium”
State of mind newspeak
To communicate by the language of fear
By not communicating anything,
Isn’t it more advisable to remain fervent
In our love for GOD
And for each other?

From the dust I came
And to the dust I shall return
But I am not the dust
Everything comes from GOD
And goes to GOD
That’s why in GOD I trust
Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason
In one word who do we thank
Who do we praise?

I am just a lowly pilgrim
Entranced by an invitation
To begin traversing the path
To the vast and glorious celebration
Where there’s plenty of food
For the imagination
Dancing to the heart beat
Of Baba’s eternal drum

But today I give all praise
And thanksgiving to the Beloved
Avatar from any and from all ages
My source, my pilgrimage
My surrender
And a welcome home
With a Happy Thanksgiving
For all…

Perfect Love

Perfect Love

I’ve come to think
That our good or bad karma
Resulting from good or bad lifetimes
Is all collected by throngs of angels
And we become a composite of who we’ve become
In our former lifetimes
Based on our Karma
Of imagined consciousness sanskaras in illusion
Based on millions upon millions of former lifetimes
Yet we are all ONE
There’s no conning GOD
I tried
That’s why I’m still trying

That’s why there are stars
Individually unique
And planets
With individually unique mornings
And beautiful people and ugly people
Baba says:
There is really only one birth
And one death
Based on many millions of sleeping’s and waking’s up
We call lifetimes
To find the answer to the sourceless lahar
Who Am I?
Still Trying
Perfect Love


To Sing The Body Electric

To Sing The Body Electric

In a trance
Chock full of the Beloved
In a spiral throttled dance
Onward and upward
To the smokeless fire 

Majesty, my Majesty
There’s really only One
Immaculate wire
That stuns the Soul
With Divine electricity

O poet
O lover
O dreamer
O sailer
At the beginningless beginning
To the endless end
You are the Mystery

O Pavardigar
When one goes through the door
As in the beginning of the path
One usually needs to suffer
If one so desires

To sing the body electric


Palace OM 

Palace OM 

We draw authentic from fake

At the tomb of the disremembered soldier

Dropping his gun forever

At Wounded Knee

At Pearl Harbor

At Tokyo, Hiroshima

And Nagasaki

And all of Europe over and over

In Russia

In Ukraine

On our planet earth

The Jerusalem of the Universe

The perpetual celebration

Is inward; can’t be overcome

Nothing is ever lost 

But things that were surrendered

Over and over again

Palace Om

But the TRUTH

Is a honey

The ELOHIM Elixir

The original Fixer, partner

Is beyond human capacity

And therefore must be worshipped

And surrendered

In case you hadn’t noticed

What we fight for inside

Can’t be had

For a whistle or a song

Palace OM

He can pretend quite convincingly

With consciousness

In maximum degree

Down with all apps and apparatus

The mind is the one we seek

Concurring the great Commander Conquerer

“Not for the timid or the weak”

After all the drama and the trauma subside

After having had the skin pealed back

Collectively with our minds

Having a pastry and double expresso

Without any form or need for identity

The Meherabad of Infinite Consciousness

Palace OM