Hobo Flower

Hobo Flower

You have to ask yourself
Why did you make the mistake
And give her flowers?

Always making it worse
Instead of better
Always spiraling down
The downward downtown tower

The only ones receiving GOD realization tonight
Are the homeless
Stinking up the psychedelic puddle laneway
Corrugated cardboard notwithstanding
Internal super summer golden dome love shrine
Sweet preternatural perfumed splendor
Newborn freedom

I’m sure you’d like a nice stand pat answer
I’m sorry, we’re fresh out
But may I offer you a surly
Sad-sack petunia
To reassure your lingering doubt

Or take this ruby red begonia
It’s not right
To let her not take wing

The perfect master is a hobo flower
In everything…

Last Resort

Last Resort

There is no peace wherever
The Lord does not rule

There is a source far deeper
Than the politics
We absorbed in school

Where it’s cool to ridicule
The lovers of GOD
Laughing the whole way

But the fire in the heart
Is not extinguished at all
By romance, the moon
Or winter

As a last resort
We sang the kirtan
Of the Lord’s perfect praise

The Deep Blue Sea

The Deep Blue Sea

She thinks she’s talking about romantics
He thinks he’s talking about the deep blue sea
They think it’s all dependent upon semantics
They say there is no
Transfigured reality

We said
The only thing that cracks
The theoretical
Universal egg of human consciousness
Is Divine love

I say
What can words express?

Baba says love is all that matters –
Nothing else does…

Amethyst Wineshop

Amethyst Wineshop

This is the drug I use
To help me feel better
I prescribe it to myself
Thank you very much

I toad the line
And practiced even better
But there’s nothing that I found there
Just the same


I got a few
Bottles of wine
Brought back from the amethyst wineshop

Should I drink them all myself
Or give them all away?

I Believe You Believe

I Believe You Believe

One of the ultimate goals of human life
Is to transcend our animal nature
Our lust anger greed pride and attachment
Like an endless river

To be fully human
Or a being mind of light
Who cares if we’re wrong or right
In the things
That truly bring us interior kingdoms of delight
I believe you believe
In secular humanism

If everyone lit just one little candle



Perhaps somewhere
In our grand insignificance
We find our true worth
Just a thread streaming through the infantry
Death and birth and death and birth

Perhaps somehow
In perfect silence
The universe was formed
To manifest GOD’s utter greatness
Consciousness was born



I can only hope
To spread and experience
The King of angels

What isn’t experienced
Can’t be spread
Everything else has a cold
And vacant sheen
That once raged deep 
Into the dying of the light

Hitting the keyless key
With my Jupiter finger
Pressing down hard
On what I’m told
I can’t remember or forget

Clap your hands
I’m on a mission
Clap your hands
I’m plotting sub divisions
My impassioned activision
May be my stone cold now submission
Until I come to one day –

A Sense of Shame

A Sense of Shame

I am thankful
I still have a sense of shame

Otherwise I might try to rationalize
Or theologize or even try to justify
The horror occurring in the Ukraine

After all
We’re still infected
By the political insanity
And unnecessary human suffering
Caused by the illegitimate birth
Of Corona 19
Killing and still killing millions

Let’s somehow equivocate the evil attack
On liberty and democracy –
On any form of freedom
With the unprovoked invasion
And murder of mere thousands
Of the peaceful men, women
And children of Ukraine

Don’t Ukrainian lives matter?
The only difference being that
One is directly from human to human
Like Cane to Abel –
In GOD’s face

The other just
Another scientific mistake

Lucky to still have
A sense of shame



You still believe in communism
Only because you’re still drunk
On all the freedoms
American democracy has given

But once sobered up
All those freedom’s
Will be gone
And we’ll be left with a
Ruthless, godless dictator
Who proclaims
It’s my right
To exterminate love!
Because love is not real
Only hunger is real

Democratic Communism
Is an oxymoron
Oil and water unmixed
An unattainable lie
Less likely to be true
Than the theory
That GOD exists

It’s ideological utopianism
Impossible in reality
Ultimately leading to horror
(See Russia, North Korea,
Venezuela and Red China)

Without vigilance,
Will this be what becomes of America?