GOD is ever-present Mercy
A flood of benevolence
A balm for the feet of the weary
Sojourner soul
We the people
Just stop the world
And feel the choir of the Mystery
Of the Majesty
Unconfined through our being
Like a miracle fountain
Just beginning to surge

They clue us in
An unthinkably slow waterfall
Called you live and you learn
A prayer, a lie
Happens predominantly
On different planes or levels
Of our own individually unique
Within a vast hierarchy of Consciousness
Where we reside as so many awarenesses
In the material
But subtle and mental worlds as well

Please tap into the spaceless, timeless
Infinite Masterpiece
There is hidden a priceless pearl
And all the innumerable avenues true
And false dead ends
On the long and winding road
To the fuming wastelands
Of many apparent catastrophes –

Just bumps in the road
Along the way
Where we fail and fall and die and rot
And rise and are reborn
Built upon the many impossible victories
And disasters
No one remembers
And all the beautiful poems written
Never heard by anyone
In the land of no death
And no tears
Only Salvation –

Where we all
One day come to confess
What a long, strange
Trip it’s been
Aways will be
Well worth it
Beloved Avatar – the real awakener
I’m not going to waste your time –
Meher Baba

I cling to the damaan of
His holy robe of Love
Every human is a seeker
It is written
In the dust of endless Magnanimity
Of a new and more perfect Masterpiece
Awoke awake awakening


Marion Berry Cobbler

Marion Berry Cobbler

Hell is witnessing the damage
Or ill effects we may have caused
In people or otherwise
All of them. Known to unknown
Consciously or unconsciously

All those knotted
Unnatural sanskaras within
Where the dark never dies
Just take a click on this here camera
Well I come from Alabama
Sponsored by them
Dignitaries of lies

But who cares
It’s all Baba
Go look
There’s a strawberry cheesecake
Or coconut cream pie
Imprisoned by our imagination
Here we are
Or maybe I should give
Marion berry cobbler a try


The Holy Tabernacle of Love

The Holy Tabernacle of Love

Or when the blood of Jesus
Is the mercy of Meher Baba
Or Mohamed’s midnight ride with Gabriel
From the foundation
Through the stars
Past the artillery, to circumvent
The greed and corruption in Science
You’d think it was the Vatican
You’d think it was Jerusalem
Beyond the manny tombs and ruins
Of the pied pipers
Of mayhem
Opium is the opium of the masses
Certified by science
Assuring blameless greed fulfilled
For the blind masters of unthinkable power
And devastation
Working to destroy
The holy tabernacle of LOVE


Everything I Am Is You

Everything I Am IS You

Everything i am IS
Even if your eyes aren’t blue
Even when you pester me
Even when our eyes can’t see
Even when our ears can’t hear
Even when it’s hard to sleep
Even when it’s hard to weep
Know that I’m alive in you
Alive in every breath you breathe


The Mad and the Mean

The Mad and the Mean

Please take this haunted lowliness
And merge it with
Your love
Let me put my arms around
You forever
Lift me like a snow white dove

Don’t worry there’s
A happy ending
With tons of resurrections between
I take the meek and the hopeless
I take the mad and the mean


Wayfarer Station

Wayfarer Station

Everybody’s looking for
That one way sweetness

Everybody’s dying
For a reason to believe

Waiting like a wayfarer
At the waylaid station
For the next
Space/Time continuum
Antigravity machine

Even if we were all
Equivalent millionaires
It would just mean we were all
Now equally poor
Equally bored, equally trained, equally robotic
Equally everything
And nobody around left
To do all the dirty work
From addiction to the illusion
Of false happiness
And her unavoidable companion: suffering
And delusions of power
Through the finer precepts and passions
On the inner autobahns of exultation

Even if I was a great mathematician
And I could extrapolate
The elegance
In every relationship/equation
That caused beauty

I could never equate
Or explain away
The altogether
Startling beauty of Oneness
That GOD’s Love makes


Maya (Illusion & Delusion)

Maya (Illusion & Delusion)

Is a life and death game
No need to do the arithmetic
The handwriting is on the wall
Kisser of Vladimir Putin’s ring
Thrown into the bottomless fire
Into the gnashing and grinding of teeth
There is nothing
That is not of GOD
Layered in a bed of potent endlessness

But I know so little
You might as well
Call it nothing
Infinite knowledge, power and bliss

Wisdom innately forever grows & grows
And reaches fulfillment
After you might as well say
60,000,000 or so variegated lifetimes
Or you might as well say
A very long long time –
Unto glorified Oneness
With Conscious Perfection

All that poets deal
Improvise and renovate
All that poets steal
From a future life
Known as time and space
Does not matter

Only Divine Love is real


Sasquatch Hat

Sasquatch Hat

Once I was a weed
And what damage I did
I strangled a whole garden
When I was a kid

Once I was a rock
If you can imagine that
Or the sun
Fueling fire
Wearing a Sasquatch hat

Once I was Tony
Legend in his own mind
Seeding sub sub atomic stardust explosions
Of thought from inside


Hobo Flower

Hobo Flower

You have to ask yourself
Why did you make the mistake
And give her flowers?

Always making it worse
Instead of better
Always spiraling down
The downward downtown tower

The only ones receiving GOD realization tonight
Are the homeless
Stinking up the psychedelic puddle laneway
Corrugated cardboard notwithstanding
Internal super summer golden dome love shrine
Sweet preternatural perfumed splendor
Newborn freedom

I’m sure you’d like a nice stand pat answer
I’m sorry, we’re fresh out
But may I offer you a surly
Sad-sack petunia
To reassure your lingering doubt

Or take this ruby red begonia
It’s not right
To let her not take wing

The perfect master is a hobo flower
In everything…


Last Resort

Last Resort

There is no peace wherever
The Lord does not rule

There is a source far deeper
Than the politics
We absorbed in school

Where it’s cool to ridicule
The lovers of GOD
Laughing the whole way

But the fire in the heart
Is not extinguished at all
By romance, the moon
Or winter

As a last resort
We sang the kirtan
Of the Lord’s perfect praise


In Vlad’s Mind

In Vlad’s Mind

Since there is no GOD
We are not to be held responsible
Let’s call our atrocities their good
Let’s call our lies their truth
We can do what we like

Now let us annihilate those
Who worship what they call the GOD
Of everything


The Deep Blue Sea

The Deep Blue Sea

She thinks she’s talking about romantics
He thinks he’s talking about the deep blue sea
They think it’s all dependent upon semantics
They say there is no
Transfigured reality

We said
The only thing that cracks
The theoretical
Universal egg of human consciousness
Is Divine love

I say
What can words express?

Baba says love is all that matters –
Nothing else does…


Amethyst Wineshop

Amethyst Wineshop

This is the drug I use
To help me feel better
I prescribe it to myself
Thank you very much

I toad the line
And practiced even better
But there’s nothing that I found there
Just the same


I got a few
Bottles of wine
Brought back from the amethyst wineshop

Should I drink them all myself
Or give them all away?


I Believe You Believe

I Believe You Believe

One of the ultimate goals of human life
Is to transcend our animal nature
Our lust anger greed pride and attachment
Like an endless river

To be fully human
Or a being mind of light
Who cares if we’re wrong or right
In the things
That truly bring us interior kingdoms of delight
I believe you believe
In secular humanism

If everyone lit just one little candle




Perhaps somewhere
In our grand insignificance
We find our true worth
Just a thread streaming through the infantry
Death and birth and death and birth

Perhaps somehow
In perfect silence
The universe was formed
To manifest GOD’s utter greatness
Consciousness was born




I can only hope
To spread and experience
The King of angels

What isn’t experienced
Can’t be spread
Everything else has a cold
And vacant sheen
That once raged deep 
Into the dying of the light

Hitting the keyless key
With my Jupiter finger
Pressing down hard
On what I’m told
I can’t remember or forget

Clap your hands
I’m on a mission
Clap your hands
I’m plotting sub divisions
My impassioned activision
May be my stone cold now submission
Until I come to one day –


A Sense of Shame

A Sense of Shame

I am thankful
I still have a sense of shame

Otherwise I might try to rationalize
Or theologize or even try to justify
The horror occurring in the Ukraine

After all
We’re still infected
By the political insanity
And unnecessary human suffering
Caused by the illegitimate birth
Of Corona 19
Killing and still killing millions

Let’s somehow equivocate the evil attack
On liberty and democracy –
On any form of freedom
With the unprovoked invasion
And murder of mere thousands
Of the peaceful men, women
And children of Ukraine

Don’t Ukrainian lives matter?
The only difference being that
One is directly from human to human
Like Cane to Abel –
In GOD’s face

The other just
Another scientific mistake

Lucky to still have
A sense of shame




You still believe in communism
Only because you’re still drunk
On all the freedoms
American democracy has given

But once sobered up
All those freedom’s
Will be gone
And we’ll be left with a
Ruthless, godless dictator
Who proclaims
It’s my right
To exterminate love!
Because love is not real
Only hunger is real

Democratic Communism
Is an oxymoron
Oil and water unmixed
An unattainable lie
Less likely to be true
Than the theory
That GOD exists

It’s ideological utopianism
Impossible in reality
Ultimately leading to horror
(See Russia, North Korea,
Venezuela and Red China)

Without vigilance,
Will this be what becomes of America?


What Mercy Really Is

What Mercy Really Is

You’re 5 foot, 5 inches in heels
A little Napoleon, so to speak,
You’re thinking 5 years down the road
Fifty at most,
What about 50,000 years down the road?

Now put your atrocities in perspective

Who will care then about your foolish pride?
Or about your minuscule stature?
How much power will you have then?
Who will tell you then
Communism leads to unthinkably
Inhumane barbarism
Because communism refuses to recognize
The One Creator,
It, as a system, depends on godlessness
To spread its own innate corruption
Spawned by the selfishness
Inherent in the human soul
To justify atrocities – and call them beautiful
To justify hate – and call it love

Who will listen 
To your  baseless, self-serving lies then?

Dear GOD,
Have mercy on Vladimir Putin
And put him down,
Like the rabid dog that he’s become
So he will learn what mercy really is


The Suffering That It Takes

The Suffering That It Takes

I’m in the here and now….Wow!
Is it not amazing?
Being human
Created in the likeness
Of pure, impeccable, unimpeachable LOVE

And have a front row seat for it?

I give it all up to THEE
But I could just as easily ask
(As another boxer circles fast)
… WTF?

With no memory
Of my punch drunk millions of former bouts
I need to roll with
A few solid left hooks
That I didn’t see, but didn’t look
You know, like they say
Pick yourself up off the canvas
And relax

Sincerity bleeds poems
Asleep or awake
Hey get your cold beer
Make me feel great
I’m sick and tired
Of the sad craziness too
It appears to be our fate

But it’s not as though I’m innocent
Of the war
Of ignorance within my own soul,
The lust, anger, the greed, pride
The attachment
The fear, the hate

I offer it all up to
The great Giver of Mercy

With all the suffering that it takes


For the Sake of Freedom

For the Sake of Freedom

The people of our planet
Everyone who is able
Let’s proclaim a day of fasting
For the Ukrainian people, for the courageous
And heroic Ukrainian people
Who are currently becoming
True martyrs
Giving up even their own lives
For the sake of Freedom




Of what worth then is love?
If it were irrevocably true
That what we call the universe
Is merely a cold, impersonal and violent phenomena
A dog eat dog whirlpool of predation
Ever evolving a kind of massive, self-sustained virus
Feeding on itself

Or that there is no eternal soul
Never was, never will be
Making any potential atrocities
Including not yet conceived of atrocities
Plausible, rational, justifiable
Even desirable?

Maybe it’s good
To look intentionally ridiculous
One day out of the year
To have a crucifix of black ashes
From last year’s palms
Thumbed across our skulls
As a reminder, after all
That everything came from nothing
Including ourselves
To intentionally declare our dust
That our bodies were born from dust
That our bodies will end in dust
To be reminded
That we’re alive on a semi-molten rock called earth
That revolves around an average
Humdrum fireball called the sun
In the middle of approximately
Nowhere, lost
59.7 billion galaxies in
That this maelstrom of creation
Was not initiated by some lofty scholarly ideation
Or some pure and elegant mathematical equation
But from a lowly station of sublime nothingness
From which was made manifest
This perpetual enigma of being
Drenched with endless novelty
Revealing, awakening –
The fire that is divine love
Has no smoke,
Only ashes




(Prelude to The Transmission)

The muse is playing
Hard to get
The Jokerman
That great mystical muse
That initial drop of a hat

If you need to call it GOD
Everyone’s and no one’s
Pick a card, any card
Nothing up my sleeve…


I’m not one for subtle movements
I like revolutions
Make me spin
I’m all for the forward motion
Enthrall me
I’m your thrifty win
Please do use the heavy make-up
I’m an actor
Learned my lines
You can scamper all you want to
But the Jokerman will find the find


I forbid you to look
I told you
My ancient eyes
My wisest wise
My sized size

I won’t let you relent
My one and only
My wholly flowing lonesome
Running swiftly slowly

Look, looky here
There’s more than the tiger lily bower bowing here
There’s more than the fore stuff
Of fore fathered furthered feathered
Waxing flexing
I’m silent like an apricot
Like a forest
I’m a millionaire
Hot like a fox trot

You’re after me
As I recline in silence falling
Falling after me
At the speed of light beyond beyond


You’re a flame!
You’re a hued blue corona
All those things
I triumphed and resisted
It radiated
You desired my soul
And when temptations burden
Thrilled the rest of me, and dances lifted
I was still your lonesome sojourner
In search for you
My lovely, mousey mystery
My wristed sister
My one and only mother mister


Not until you’ve been bewitched
Have you really been bewitched –
Bewitched by the mix
Of any witch’s
Missioned wish at all
To haunt and fix

You’re gonna catch me aren’t you
You’re gonna snuggle right up like love
Aren’t you
You’re gonna give me peaches without you
Or some such other foreign fortune
Ne’er to err or doubt you

When the jimmy jasper
Becomes the alabaster
And the fortune tooth
Flows floral now

My high wired engine
Puts to bed the quest
Through the wilderness
If you ain’t seen me comin

I’m your stone cold alibi
Your forked tongue speak
Luke recognize
High on another planet labeled infinite

Clearing traffic jams
Nothing is emptiness
Winning passage scams
There’s just one truth was told…



Under the spotlight
A dance before the universe
Of magnetic angelic majesties
From inner sanctums
Who make brief occasions of surfacing
To forecast yet another deeper love
To bring a meandering ragamuffin soul
Down and out the wholly holy hole
Lowly girl
Whom he took into his heart
And called love


It’s where the sweetness is
But ain’t where the gold is ground to blood
It passes near the never knows
Past the secret fabled mix of wine and blood
I grasped and asked and basked
And cast a spell on you
In a swollen holy monumental flood
And GOD made you come out of me
And he made me from mud


You’re not supposed to go against the grain
You’re not supposed to color outside the lines
Or make a drift against the true
Lucky if you dare
Lucky if you do
Applause if you do
Misery if you do
But that’s what we’re here for
Lucky if you dare, lucky if you do…

You’re not supposed to shine inside my heart


I found this jewel
Hidden at a roadside yard sale
Spread out for all those manic rounders
To search for, to hope for
To steal, to possess
To discover and make use of
Hidden somewhere beyond
The table of many knickknacks
Over there
Beyond the false treasure
Beyond the extra special measure
Beyond the game of jacks
Beyond the shakespeare’s
Beyond the ostentatious lamps of gold
Beyond the raspberry amethyst yantra

Cast aside
On the table
Left for useless
A lark
A pearl
A whim
A ghost
A treasure

I found it
I proclaimed it as my own
While everyone else
Considered it just another trinket
Strewn amongst the nothingness
Left out for the flies
And the sun
At the young picnic
Available to dogs


See this is how the stardust works
The way the light runs right through your system
The way it jostles into space just so
The way it wraps around your venus finger
There’s no barrier for the blood
There’s no equator for these encased equations
Why a heart opens up
Right up to love

It’s in her tantric mantric gust of hair
It’s in her musky husky hips
It’s in her lily lips and angel flare
It’s from an ancient salient needful dare
It’s forever hanging red
On that there yonder tree

The love of love
The love of love of older love
The love of new born love
The lost and lonely love
The love of “you’re the one and only love”

We live forever as consciousness
With a rose bouquet and heart on fire
Fresh in from an eastern sea
Entombed by boring intellect
Took a gander at the stars
Glad to see I finally found you
Though I’m recent back from Mars
Left some diamonds on the table for you
Love to put my arms around you
Thank you thank you
Thank you thrice,
Majesty my majesty


When I finally come to my dying day
Will I say goodbye to me
Or stay
To droop along
On the honey hocks
Drunken lilacs
Or will I muscle up and go around
The paths that make me play
Along the long along
And roll the ball right up that day
Like Sisyphus, I hear you say
Or if my silent sounding sourced magnificence
To be the cosmic calling calling call
Something someone guessed
I never planned
This wondrous sunshine vest
This universe
To be in me
This wine and blood
This graveyard
This rising
This resurrection
This famous
This nothingness

The waves roll
The snow clears
We’re on the crest
Never fear
Never rest
The side show gets lame here
The bars close
The sky clears
The range yellows
The truth frees
We’re rainbows
We’re jewels of peace


It’s never too late
To just bloom
To open up wide like a rose
In June
To rocket up high like a rocket man
Or shuffle them cards like Steely Dan

But you’re not supposed to go against the grain
Or sneak outside just to run in the rain
Or color outside the lines
Or change one gene in a dominant strain
Or buck the system or complain
Or shine so bright inside my soul tonight
With your inner eye candle flame
I got sunshine in the pouring rain
In a holy transcendental vein
When you came out of me
And from the mud
I came


Love is GOD
Remove yourself from the long and winding
Hide and seek boogaloo down broadway list
Time to awaken
Time to accept
That’s the Master’s touch
Where we all come to know the know
That we’re lost in a prison of unending love


She had a scent that filled his desire
As one sacred individual rose
Half in beauty half in majesty
Half on fire
In lilies pressed purple pressed
And squeezed and pressed
A stolen rolling ball of thunder
A yantra
A mantra
A cinder
A crest
All impressed

Inner mandala
Solemn beauty
Maya woven tapestry
Lucky Lady Liberty?
Lucky Lady Liberty!


I’ve gone within
Within and without
I fell into the silent open stream
We’re just lucky guys
I guess
The sun’s sure shining down
As we go the rings around
The round around
I think that you should know
We’ve all been shown the show
To show
The tiny sweetness that emits
The tender known approval magic mountain bliss
Rocks and worlds
All in just one kiss
The sun at midnight
The science of silence
The moon through ambrosia
The white dove on the window sill
The star of stars


You’re the treasure trove
You’re a holy grail
A ball of luminous awareness
And just another so and so
I’m not complaining
I’m on fire
Everything is victory

My darling
Unlove me not
You know I’m not a lawyer
I asked of you a blue wire infamy
You gave me a wild red symphony
I asked you for a poppy seed
You gave me a rhododendron
You flashed up like fire
I saw it in your eyes your wires
I saw it in your heart
I saw it in your lonesome
I saw it in your waltz
I saw it in your wine
Alive in everything


There’s got to be blossoms in paradise
Made of thoughts that I’m thinking of you
Blessed with pink aura waves poltergeist
Blossoming simmering
Oversight white
Focused on ether’s of blue

Hot off of the presses
Get yours if it impresses
No need to be emptying anything
Got your fossil, got your fuel
Got your smack
There’s just enough hope to rope everything
And just enough back to get back
I’m your bright shiny polished found souvenir
I’m your witness
I’m your hard won
I’m your wolverine


Trinkets and jewels are shallow
Wealth’s attainment is hollow
Power is for an hour
Then it’s a mind fuck
Beauty and pleasure are fleeting

So, who heckles the jeckle
Of the snow-white dove
And who gets to mainline
His infinite love

The parade is happening
All in love’s name
And it vibrates into everything


GOD’s Mercy
Is like a gambler on an endless winning streak
Like some deep
Mysterious mojo
But enduring
Like a holy dynamism that guides us
And augments the beauty we all have innately

The body is nice
But the soul
Is what gets us places
Who needs electricity?
We’re primped and pumped
With some insane juice
The holy rolling flooded flower father kundalini
We’re in love after all
The holy rolling flowing flooded flowers
There’s an eternity to begin with
And the purple velvet heather meadow beckons
And we’ve just begun to dance


Hear the mountains coronet the realms of St. John
As infinite mercy draws right from wrong
The palace of forgiveness burns bright tonight
If you want GOD to drive better hold on tight
He knows all about our secrets and lies
His love supersedes all the worldly wise…

Over the howls
And the growls
Through the lost hope bowels
And the unsavory hollows
With all the “throw it in” towels
Where the owls watch close
As the alley cat prowls
And the flip flop meandering ragamuffin follows

We are the creatures of GOD
Our souls won’t rest until they rest in Him

They called him the Jokerman of GOD
The Jokerman of GOD
But a fool amongst men


And here’s to you
Bold sojourner
On open roads I call
Through night’s vast and endless
Wonder walls
Pour light’s veiled eternal shawl
Of fountained love to you I drink
An endless stroke of luck
In love’s deep and everlasting kiss

And here’s to you
Lucky lady liberty
On open roads
Through nectar nexus nodes
On power trips
Through night’s vast and endless
Hinter winter wonder rolls
Of un-lived love
On inner heights
For higher pearls
Great daffodils
In vineyard moons
On grape and vine
Long lasting strained
All proper primed
And money pure
Unto you my charm –
My cry me a river
My down sink or swim
My heart throb’s
Never ending beauregard
My guinevere
My never fail
My win or lose
My never fold

And here’s to you
My winsome lonesome dove
Deeper younger wonder why
On open roads to never ever dies
It’s in the way the nectar’s druthers
Drips and drops
The drive that sprites to silence
Diamond true
Past night’s storm elixir sky
Of fountained love full of hope
I climb
A throated fervent
Tantric rhapsody
An ancient never ending
Falls for you

That pure core
That higher oneness-come
That inner buddha charm
That gallant lark
That cross to bear
That lucky run
Between the wisdom and the legalese
The magic palace
Of your wondrous love


Lone Star Lover

Lone Star Lover


You are my lone star lover
How you shine
How you hover
Even in the darkest of skies


I’m just a gross plane drifter
A common crypto grifter
With a word to the wise

All unsanctioned action or desire
At whatever weight
Or with whatever fire

Or choose an icy road less travelled
And whatever gifted pleasure
Is induced or derived
An excuse that comes quickly
To the rational mind
The cost being usually
Some imperceptible prison
For the karmically blind

Or go ask Captain Karma
On the planes
In the drama
On the streets
Beyond the freeways
In those “bring us to our knees” ways
Where the real gold resides

I bow to the architect of Maya
And to the architect of prayer
To the architect of the symphony
Which makes us all aware

To the architect of angels
The architect of rain
And to the architect
Of the stardust
Running round through our brain


The Nothing Game

The Nothing Game

Hungry for that nothing fix
She soon devised her exodus
Her exodus from genesis
A primal dawn without GOD’s tricks
Hungry for that nothing fix

Christened by an empty kiss
She lost her gene for happiness
Her chromosomes code emptiness
While circumventing every twist
Christened by that nothingness

Jonesing for that endless fix
Downtown she fulfilled a niche
One maître d’ per lunatic
Longing for those empty kicks
Jonesing for that nothing fix

Crushed with love – the eulogy –
The lost and found soliloquy
The ‘one slash zero’ symphony

Crushed by love – the tragedy
Crushed by love – the history
Crushed by love – the rhapsody
Crushed by love – the mystery


The Clarion Marion Berry Pie (Final)

The Clarion Marion Berry Pie

We can have it all
It can be all ours
Fame, beauty, adulation
Now that nothing meant nothing again
Magic Powers
She griped
You trade one in
And get another clever new addiction
Just as bright
A true beauty, both dark and light –

But fades in facades, it boutiques
Into “It’s bound to all end in tears”
Or just end
I can’t remember
Available for the trauma
Replete with the obligatory bite in the ass
True to life drama
To the inner most know it all –
Would you care for another slice?

Shouts the Clarion Marion Berry Pie

She let only a few souls see
The flower she secretly named
The polar vortex
Within the 84 lakhs of timelessness unfurling
Pruned optimistically
Not the comatose
Primrose path prescriptive
Sentencing in precision
Desiring and obtaining –
Lording, owning
Thriving on derision
In worship of
Yet another strawberry sunset mirage

The bells all ringing
The angels are singing
Huggers hugging fleers fleeing
The losers the leapers
The lovers and weepers
And if at first you don’t succeed

One birth
And one death
(Within which lives endless lives still calling
All the unknown worsts and bests)
Unto infinite knowledge, power and bliss
Not as marionettes, or slaves
But as heirs
Drenched with LOVE in all its glory…

Everyone’s our only hope
We’re everyone else’s only hope
Don’t take “me” so seriously
Or sell “me” short
Make it easy to say yes –
Live free or die!

Shouts the Clarion Marion Berry Pie


Further On Down The Road

Further On Down The Road

We are individual microcosms
Microcosms of the unthinkably vast Macrocosm
Named GOD

GOD’s love
Shines though us most succinctly
BY our own ego’s defeat
Our pride and conceit overcome
Our suffering through GOD’s power
Manifested into deeper light
Surrendering at
The blossom of HIS lotus feet

If weakness overcomes strength
May I introduce you
To a close friend
Of mine,
Captain Karma –
The lord’s own right hand man

And if you can’t figure out
What strength and weakness really are
He’ll let you know
(The hard way)
What time it is

I do not recommend
Getting on his wrong side
Where I was buffeted quite severely
Due mostly to
My own ignorance
And lonesome desperation
Trying to find home, or a home

Not that I’m guilty
Or not guilty
Of having made my own mistakes
There are no excuses
But there are levels of culpability
Beyond what it currently known
That El Capitán will judge
Without bias either way
Further on down the road

Justice is GOD’s
But so are mercy and forgiveness




There’s something neglected in a medal


Down in the couloir
Within a shadow’s needful focused

A jungle
A bloody trigger
A bleeding flower
A titanium rose
A screaming scarlet
Lightning twisted dawning…

A benediction

Through the subterranean humble hiss
The wind swirled in
From a lost dimension
Reading off their names…

There’s something revolutionary in a rosary


A fountain of forgiveness
Bare beads fingered
A sanctity
In the blood

A story
A resurrection
A mercy
A triumph

…We’ll march in again tomorrow



50 Million Reasons For Amnesia

50 Million Reasons For Amnesia

Things going on behind the scenes
Behind the scenes
Beyond the locomotion
We suffer from
The net proceeds
Of our own mental
And not so mental
On a hot date
With Captain Karma,
The Lord’s own right hand man

It begins with Shakespeare Dr. Zeus
And Saint Teresa
Current thoughts of the intelligentsia
Throw the baby out with the bathwater
Nothing is sacred
Until every whatsoever
Non-secular agenda book
Or thought or idea is burned
Bible black

The flowers are on the coffin
50 million reasons for amnesia


A Muse

A Muse

There’s my muse
And then there’s my idiot
In muses clothing

I believe I am currently
Representing the former
But then again
I always believe that

And look back with
Literary horror
At some of the bad stuff I’ve written
Thinking at the time
That my writing was all that, and so much more,
Which I began thinking at age 11
When I began to say:

The intelligentsia
Are too intelligent for wisdom
Hidden from the worldly wise
Hidden in the scriptures of apostles
Hidden in the tears
The wayfarer cries
Hidden in the wordless silence
Hidden in the mirror of tomorrow
Hidden in the universe
Reflected in your eyes


Jivatma Om Shiva (Final)

Jivatma Om Shiva (Final)

This state of concurrent awareness
Or where we are
In our
Inner march
Assimilating the language of the synapse
The sacred wine
The eternal bouquet
The ubiquitous mind –
Jivatma om shiva

Taking notes
Harboring decisions
Processing claims
Compiling composites
Outlining at random
Far flung extrapolations
Scrutinizing the unapparent
Calculating each involuntary
Twitch of a nerve –
Jivatma om shiva

And eventually
The bold initiation
An agreed upon rendezvous
Pushing onward
Focusing inward upward
To the next rung
Of tongue to the back
Of the rooftop
Wisdom sung –
Jivatma om shiva

Consciousness is everywhere
In everything
It knows and is
It loves and is the source of love –
The one and only love
With an unending depth of expression
Manifested in the miracle
Of every breath that we breathe –
Jivatma om shiva


Rock the Cradle

Rock the Cradle

It’s like Tai Chi
It’s like medicine
It’s like pay back
It’s like ‘what is to come’
It’s like a drop of the box
Of 50 I-Ching sticks
To be razor precise random still
Has side effects
Rippling through
Another vast primeval power trip
Lost in the song of songs
Dazed by a sip and a dip
Another universe freed across
An unthinkably vast
Imaginary banquet table
Where sit a deeply loyal inner circle
Bustling with the frenzy
Jealous for the darshan of supreme love
Without equal
With no label
Just a shout out
Like a gossamer thread
Walt Whitman
Spiderman like cable
If you’re able
Unwound sanskaric darshan binding
Light from every single molecule en masse
Like an ace of hearts laid smack against the table
Like leaves of grass
And all things must pass
A song of courage strewn beneath
The grander fable
Another “fill ‘er up with gas”
If anyone should ask
As if you were clark gable


Blown Away

Blown Away

May the myriad symphonies of love
Unveil for you
The holy hidden inner treasures
Through invisible doors
Of gratitude
Where choruses of angels
Resound with the bliss of worship
May the wild blue yonder’s of joy
Blossom high
In your impervious grind

Phantasmagorical flowers
The multifarious ties that bind
Nowhere north
South, east, or west
But inward
A reverential bow
Before the infinite mind
A genuflection
To be released

To escape from the worries
And the pain and the fear
Of getting old and getting older
Of being alone
Of losing youth
Of being a failure
It’s not my thing
Not anymore

To be aggravatingly focused
On the most important
Nonsense in the universe
I can do without
It’s not my cup of tea

Seduced by the ice cream
Like a peasant on the freeway
A Rolls Royce picks me up
And drops me
At the city dump
I’d rather say
Seek and you shall find

There’e a Oneness
We’re all privy to
A few nuts and bolts
And a couple of nano screws
A heart of praise and gratitude;
The game’s no longer played
For nickels and dimes

All sacred hearts have been broken
Pierced with arrows
Locked in chains
Crowned with thorns
In Jesuses name
Every knee shall bend
And every head shall bow
All conceit and pride now driven
Into the dust
And once again

Blown away


The Initial Dawning Mind

The Initial Dawning Mind

May the lost ark of GOD
Arrive in your heart safely
May the wild blue yonder’s of joy
Blossom high
Upon your inner sanctum mountain
Beyond all space and any time
May the myriad symphonies of love
Unveil for you
The sacred hidden inner treasure
At the inner hidden door
Where choruses of angels
Resound sweetly
Unraveling in every tie that binds

Nowhere north
South, east, or west
But inward
At the initial dawning mind


The Nothing and the Everything

The Nothing and the Everything

Between me

…And my perception of GOD –
Whether it be an ocean 
Or Jesus
Or Mohammed
Or Buddha
Or Zoroaster
Or Meher Baba
Or an old man with a a white beard
Or Yahweh or Jehovah
Or nature
Or Darwin
Or an alien from the future
Or ourselves from the future
Or Shiva or Adi Shakti
Or quantum reality
Looking through the many multi-colored
Stained glass windows…

And the real GOD 
The pure GOD
And nothing but
What’s GOD

Dwells One Existence 
Called the limited illusory Nothing
Within the unlimited authentic Everything


Grizzled Warrior (final)

Grizzled Warrior

In a world
Where reputation is everything
Remove that
And you got yourself
A broken humanoid
Admitting failure does not omit factual details,
Staring failure in the face 24/7

And who’s to blame for that?
Now that they’re talking
Blame and fault and failure
According to the intergalactic bestseller
“The Game of Love”
Compared to the games of law
On earth
How could anyone be so dumb
How can anyone be that wise?

O Baba
You’ve made me well aware
Of my own insignificance
Sprinkled with the drama
Of the making of my own errors
And unknown errors
Looking like that’s my career decision
As an inner dimensional tutorial
As a true blessing of turmoil
In the long run I suppose
Am I now ready
For your greatness?

Though I’d settle
For your continued mercy

Very truly yours,

Your grizzled warrior
Ball don’t lie


At The Wineshop Door

At The Wineshop Door

Frighteningly beautiful
Dazzlingly incomprehensible
Without words
Needs no introduction
Trumpets announce
The only real oeuvre
An ancient romance written
By the love sick
The love stricken
By love baffled and beguiled
By the love smitten
By the love desperate
By the love mad
Beyond fiction
At the wineshop door
I’ll take a tried and true bottle
Of Avatar, circa infinity –
The only one worthy of worship…


So Why A Trapeze Artist?

So Why A Trapeze Artist?

Of one’s utmost longing;
To be free within GOD’s will

It don’t require any testimony
But the surrender of one’s own fear
Up to the power and the glory
When the heart of the mandala
Tantric matrix lotus blossoms
And our life becomes alive


Go God


Everything is the guru
But deep within
The Holy Spirit
Jesus, the savior

Go Meher Baba
Go Mohammed
Go Buddha
Go Krishna Devi
Go Parvardigar

Go the vedas
Go the scriptures
Go the bible
Go blessed mother adi shakti
Blessed BE

Go atheism
Taking a avalanche of belief

Go the koran and Bhagavad Gita
Go Ganesha and Brahmas
Go the only one worthy of worship

Democracy crumbles without
The freedom to practice
And covey non-material belief…

*Note to reader: First Amendment –
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Freedom of religion or religious liberty is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance. It also includes the freedom to change one’s religion or beliefs, “the right not to profess any religion or belief or “not to practice a religion”.

Freedom of religion is considered by many people and most nations to be a fundamental human right. In a country with a state religion, freedom of religion is generally considered to mean that the government permits religious practices of other sects besides the state religion, and does not persecute believers in other faiths (or those who have no faith).

Freedom of belief is different. It allows the right to believe what a person, group, or religion wishes, but it does not necessarily allow the right to practice the religion or belief openly and outwardly in a public manner, a central facet of religious freedom. The term “belief” is considered inclusive of all forms of irreligion, including atheism and humanism.


The Ego of the Now

The Ego of the Now

Man the humanly conceived
Mental associations
Of cosmic forces
Good and bad
Whatever “the ego of the now” endorses
Are anchors to the crown
Serving only the titanic me
Of “me”

Remember the Chintaamani
The lost chord
The priceless pearl
The perfect oneness
Where perfect waves
Of subtle energy resound

Now you see me
Now you don’t as always
Until you see me Everywhere
And in all things forever
I could be your generic weisenheimer
Just your run of the mill noon day
Dumb fuck wannabe
Chasing the unstruck melody
Trying not to be an ass


The Blues

The Blues

For some
It’s just a gold dab bloom
Or it could be a horseshoe
Hanging over the moon
Or it could be a tooth fairy
Coming in to announce a gilded
Or it could be the pure light within you
To guide your way home
An immaculate conception
An unrequited self deception
Space being infinitely small
Where the timeless dare to loom
Glory glory hallelujah
Oh say how can we see
The absence of light
As light
Nothing up my sleeve

It could be a rebellion
Or a misguided clue
For the truth that we’re demanding
Doesn’t say nothing new
As the love that we’ve abandoned

The blues


Our Only Faithful Friend

Our Only Faithful Friend

I thought I came
To understand love
When you dream
Those days of wine and roses
Will never end

But I came to the conclusion
True love is not complete
Until it shatters the illusion
In those days when the Lord
Becomes our only
Faithful friend



Baba said no need to ask for guidance
Consider your self guided
If you recite these two prayers
Out loud once a day

The Parvardigar Prayer

O Parvardigar – the Preserver and Protector of All
You are without beginning and without end
Non Dual
Beyond comparison and
None can measure you
You are without color, without expression
Without form and without attributes
You are unlimited and unfathomable
Beyond imagination and conception
Eternal and imperishable
You are indivisible and none can see You
But with eyes Divine
You always were
You always are
And You always will be
You are everywhere
You are in everything
And You are also beyond everywhere
And beyond everything
You are in the firmament and in the depths
You are manifest and unmanifest
On all planes and beyond all planes
You are in the three worlds
And also beyond the three worlds
You are imperceptible and independent
You are the Creator
The Lord of Lords
The knower of all minds and hearts
You are Omnipotent and Omnipresent
You are knowledge infinite
Power infinite and Bliss Infinite
You are the ocean of Knowledge
All knowing
Infinitely knowing
The knower of the past
The present and the future
And You are knowledge itself
You are all-merciful and eternally benevolent
You are the Soul of souls
The one with infinite attributes
You are the trinity of truth
Knowledge and bliss
You are the source of truth
The ocean of love
You are the Ancient one
The Highest of the High
You are Prabhu and Parmeshwar
You are the Beyond God
And the Beyond-Beyond-God also
You are Parabrahma
And GOD – the Beloved

You are named Ezad
The only One
Worthy of worship.

Prayer of Repentance

We repent
O GOD most merciful
For all our sins
For every thought
That was false or unjust or unclean
For every word spoken
That ought not to have been spoken
For every deed done
That ought not to have been done

We repent for every deed and word and thought
Inspired by selfishness
And for every deed and word and thought
Inspired by hatred
We repent most specially
For every lustful thought and every lustful action
For every lie
For all hypocrisy
For every promise given but not fulfilled
And for all slander and back-biting

Most specially also
We repent for every action
That has brought ruin to others
For every word and deed
That has given others pain
And for every wish that pain should befall others

In your unbounded mercy
We ask you to forgive usO GOD
For all these sins committed by us
And to forgive us for our constant failures
To think and speak and act
According to your will.

Meher Baba




Remembering who we are
Is like a brief introduction
To who we will one day be

The soul is always there
Or here
A welcome home
From all the facet mirrors
That are merely preludes
Like appetizers
To deeper ecstasy

At his feet
Glow jewels all shining
Roses rage with future beauty
Dancing in his revelry

GOD is not a concept





Despite the great beauty
Despite the awe and wonder
Despite all the givers
The courageous
The fighters for what’s right
I’ll just say it
Despite all the adorned and unadorned
Saints of our world
Despite GOD’s mercy
Despite GOD’s patience and forgiveness
Despite GOD’s love

If all the selfish and ignorant things
In our corrupt human culture
Were suddenly revealed
And dumped into
Our human minds

We would abandon the world
Become hermits, renunciates
We’s take up our sackcloth
Roll around in the ashes
And pray
To see the GOD alone
And forever in all people


Magnificat Rose

Magnificat Rose

He is buddha consciousness
And not buddha consciousness
He died beneath the bodhi tree
Thousands of summers ago

He is the atman and paramatma
The atom and the adam
But he would politely decline the offer

He’s been a He
And she’s been a She
But now we’re grasping at straws

He is mohamed
And the message he gave through mohamed
Mohamed alone
And Mohamed not alone

He is the light and the darkness
And the balance of light and darkness
And the abode beyond
The ever-deepening and widening balance
Of the light and the darkness

He is indescribable
Yet constantly described 
Like a sun filled palace
Beauty transmuted into ecstasy
The sighing
Crying multi-universal 
Infinite loop de loop mojo spree

O lucid wisdom shorn
Individually unique as adorned
Manifested brilliantly as love 
On fire with form
With our own keys and gateway traces
Our own shiny jewels and criminal cases
Our own diagnostic static
Stairway stasis 
Burning red demographic fire
All preaching, all describing, all racing
All swirling 
All knowing…
O magnificat rose
To the humble blue humility in the tangents
Through the tantric white galactic 
In the silence
Of the requisite atomic weight of grace
There’s no deeper wine than love 
And so the pentagram plays
Ancient and newborn
An omnipotent push
How deep in the fire
Of the non-burning bush?
Just a drip of the bright
Buzzing amber blue 
Pineal flood

No echoes
No rewinding hyperbolic twists
No virtuosos
No polished young quick
Shiny crooked cracked
And hacked and whacked

No Zeldas for Kramers
No Greta Garbos
No Cassius Clays
No joltin’ Joe DiMaggios’
Withstood a crazed
Walt Whitman ranting daze
He who sings the song I sing inside me
Into the mystic summer haze
Through the haunted autumn crush
Took every hook was hocked 
Or honied honing right on in
The brush the blush
The stain the sin
The satan
Crystal darwinian faceted mystic prism random
Re-up-took lite
Going up in bright
Rocketing spiraled spark-ed darts
Of twisted convoluted night
Diamond tungsten nanite strings
Gold the biting blinging ringing diamond clutch
As a drunken lilac
Full throttle throttling

Forever sings


A Million Things

A Million Things

A rustler of words
Once heard GOD say

“What do you want?”

And the rustler replied:

“YOU’RE asking me?
YOU, WHO comprehend
Every particle of my being
WHO are alive
In every breath I breath
YOU, WHO are my future and my past
WHO know what I want
Even before I ask
Must I bore YOU with the details
Where the four crows fly
And the devil sings?

I’d ask for a million things
All, if got, meaning nothing
If not sanctified by YOUR LOVE”


Codependent On The Lord

Codependent On The Lord

It’s not hard to give up

It’s hard to figure out
When to stop trying

It’s all GOD’s will
Either way
Isn’t it
When push comes to shove

Or when it comes
To someone to whom you love
Your independence ends

Micro-mini-cogs within a massive wheel
Surging brilliantly
The bodiless eye of consciousness
Witness to
The awe and transience within and about
The ALL that exists

Codependent on the Lord’s love