GOD works,
Beyond beyond senses
I hear his voice in actuality
Not words
If I hear him at all,
In mysterious ways

Part of love is to share
But what if what we share
Is rejected
Or misinterpreted
Or miscommunicated?

What if the horse
You are leading to water
Is dying of thirst
But refuses to drink?

Water is GOD
GOD is water
Water is life
But not without light


Real Beauty

Real Beauty

Real beauty is born of fidelity
Why waste myself on me
Why waste to just waste away
Another vision in your eyes I see

Another palace where you
Are the royal amplitude –
Please amplify my love for you
But not so much that
My heart can’t bear
May I wait another lifetime
Before another load
Of real beauty rises in your eyes


Our Only Hope Is Love #5

I should have known better

From the beginning
From the inception
During the encore
Post regression
Post resuscitation
From the jump street –
Being that infinity
Is incomprehensible

That there was something other
Out there
Human awareness
Within human consciousness
Not only imposed with the unknown
But that which is impossible
To know with human understanding

Our only hope is love




Listening to all the teachings of the Vedas
And the Puraanas
I wanted to perform the religious rituals
But seeing all the wise men caught by Death
I arose and left the Pandits
Now I am free of this desire

O mind, you have not completed
The only task you were given
You have not meditated on the Lord
Your King

Going to the forests
They practice Yoga and deep, austere meditation
They live on roots and the fruits they gather
The musicians, the Vedic scholars
The chanters of the word
And men of silence
All are listed
On the Register of Death

Loving devotional worship
Does not enter into your heart
Pampering and adorning your body
You must still give it up

You sit and play music
But you are still a hypocrite
What do you expect to receive from the Lord?

Death has fallen on the whole world
The doubting religious scholars
Are also listed on the Register of Death

Says Kabir
Those humble people become pure;
They become Khalsa –
They who know the Lord’s loving devotional worship

– Siri Guru Granth –


Another Spin

Another Spin

Though the ferris wheel
Raises us up and down
And the tilter-whirl
Takes us
Round the round around
As the roulette wheel
Better stop on red or black
Or who knows how or where or why
Or when
Or green

By the grinding wheel
We are ground down
All aboard another trance
Another merry go round
The earth
The sun and the moon
The stars
How innumerable galaxies
In great vastness swim
Though if the truth be told
May only be found
Infinitely In

Want ironclad proof
You’ll have to take her up
On that offer
For another spin…


Wisdom 1:1-7

Wisdom 1:1-7

Love justice, you who judge the earth;
    think of the Lord in goodness,
    and seek him in integrity of heart;
Because he is found by those who test him not, 
    and he manifests himself to those who do not disbelieve him.
For perverse counsels separate a man from God,
    and his power, put to the proof, rebukes the foolhardy;
Because into a soul that plots evil, wisdom enters not,
    nor dwells she in a body under debt of sin.
For the holy Spirit of discipline flees deceit
    and withdraws from senseless counsels;
    and when injustice occurs it is rebuked.
For wisdom is a kindly spirit,
    yet she acquits not the blasphemer of his guilty lips;
Because God is the witness of his inmost self
    and the sure observer of his heart
    and the listener to his tongue.
For the Spirit of the Lord fills the world,
    is all-embracing, and knows what man says.


The New True Believers

The New True Believers

St. John of the cross
Taught us
Of the dark night of the soul
How the lord turned his back on him
As did mother Teresa’s Lord
Like just going through the motions
Without any sweetness

But GOD becomes strong
In our weakness

I got some
Expensive lessons
In the sunset’s
Lonesome ritual
As regards the dark night
Of the human heart
The monotony
The repetition
The new true believers
The faithless religion
In the dark night
Of the zombie robot mind –
Those with an as long as you lose
I win type of attitude

One thing about suffering
It can go on
A very long time
Yet always ends

Same thing about happiness

As a result
I have concluded with satisfaction
That the only immortal words
Are what describe love
That deep within the nucleus
Of one’s own self
One finds the sublime essence
Of the true Lord’s elixir
A love that blossoms everywhere
In many a splendored rendition
In all its grand regalia of bloom
As Solomon’s sword
In the noon sun glistens…


Fancy Danig Embers

Fancy Danig Embers

He’s not your very special flower
He bloomed late like in December
He tripped the knickerbocker rose
Down to the very nuts and bolts
Of toes
He played “let freedom ring” guitar
Strumming in new day yellow rhapsodies
He sings a slow ambrosial hour
He holds black belts in luck and liberty

Sometimes plastered
Sometimes up all night
Sometimes lost and broken from the light
Sometimes drawn
Into unwanted sin
Asking GOD to let him out or in

Right foot on the road
Left foot in another galaxy
No shirt, no game, no style, no symphony
Just one peasant’s praise
In honor of the King
In hopes the King would someday get a grin
That from the darkness
All this brightness sprung
In those famous thronged angelic hymns
Of fancy Danig Embers


Awakening To You

Awakening To You

Everything written
Said, heard
And experienced
Is experienced by You

You gave me this understanding
That all things come from
And all things go to You
Even this poem and this concept
Even any inkling of me
Here at your command
With loving praise
In holy love
In mercy
You are constant
My vision

A vision is a vision is a

Slow beautiful, ugly and arduous
Awakening to You


Like Holy Wine

Like Holy Wine

Not to become wise
In my own estimation
For as is written
Those who exalt themselves
Will be humbled
While those who humble themselves
Will be exalted

The gifts of the world
Are all perishable
But gifts from GOD are irrevocable

I greet you as my soul
Because everything depends
Upon everything else

This, while all the glass clinkers
And ideological drinkers
Ask you to bow at their shrine

And all the tail gazers
And surreptitious winkers
Fell for your beauty
Like drunken sailors
Who lost track of time

I fell for your beauty
Like a poem
Like an art form
Like an illumination
Like a benediction
Like wisdom

Like holy wine


What Time It Is

What Time It Is

Strength that overcomes weaknesses
That’s what gives us real power

If weakness overcomes strength
May I introduce you
To a close friend
Of mine,
Captain Karma –
The lord’s own right hand man

And if you can’t figure out
What strength and weakness really are
He’ll let you know
(The hard way)
What time it is

I do not recommend
Getting on his wrong side
Where I was buffeted quite severely
Due mostly to
Ignorance and lonesome desperation
And too much pride
Than to anything else

Not that I’m guilty
Or not guilty
Of having made my own mistakes
There are no excuses
But there are levels of culpability
Beyond what it currently known
That el capitan will surely judge
Without bias either way

Justice is GOD’s
But so is mercy


Not Like Anyone Else

And as for the void
It’s not afraid to grind us down
Poco y poco
Not afraid to rub our noses
Humble scarlet
Roses blooming
Valentines breeding
Prisons of pulsing patterns
In the perpetual
New dawn new wave freedom

Let’s really change for a change
Like we had all the answers
Solved in a never say never
Do or die kind of way
Slaves of righteousness
All disease free
And consecrated

You can always fiddle with your bows
Or bring me around
As the thorn offers up
The sweet smelling rose
Say arrivederci
To the dream gone up her nose
Until the wild irish pain
Gets surreptitiously froze
You’ve been served
While there’s still half a chance
Go ask alice
Is a sweet perfume
Soaked in a moon filled
Type of trance
And like all things –
Not like anything else

A rose is a rose is a galaxy
Champagne with the caveat of mystery
So what if you’re heart is broken
It will heal
It will live again
It will rise
And stream like sunlight
Through the land of rock and roll

Once again
Like visions of sugar plums
Opening up in your soul

Like the ridiculous
Bottom line
We’re somehow
Already supposed to know

Even if it’s as a “stand in”
For a whole nother show
That must go on:

I celebrate
What makes you special in my eyes
And like all souls –
Not like anyone else


Not Like Anyone Else

Not Like Anyone Else

And as for the void

It’s not afraid to grind us down

Poco y poco

Not afraid to rub our noses

Humble scarlet 

Roses blooming

Valentines breeding 

Prisons of pulsing patterns

In a new wave new wave freedom 

Let’s really change for a change

Like we had all the answers

Solved in a never say never

Do or die kind of way

Slaves of righteousness

All disease free 

And consecrated

You can always fiddle with your bows

Or bring me around

As the thorn offers up

The sweet smelling rose

Say arrivederci 

To the dream gone up her nose

Until the wild irish pain 

Gets surreptitiously froze

You’ve been served

While there’s still half a chance

Go ask alice 

Is a sweet perfume 

Soaked in a moon filled trance

And like all things –

Not like anything else

A rose is a rose is a galaxy

Champagne with the caveat of mystery

So what if you’re heart is broken

It will heal

It will live again

It will rise

And stream like sunlight

Through the land of rock and roll

Once again

Like visions of sugar plums

Opening up in your soul

Like the ridiculous

Bottom line

We’re somehow 

Already supposed to know

Even if they bring us 

Back from the dead

Even if it’s as a “stand in”

For a whole nother show

That must go on:

I celebrate 

What makes you special in my eyes

And like all souls –

Not like anyone else




As are some humans hooked on smack
They realize
Nothing else can make them happy
And think
That no matter how far
Their reach for happiness goes
It will never be far enough
And they might never come back
As well
GOD reminded me
Whether or not it’s my imagination
Illusion or delusion
Or whatever your political persuasion
That if I ever won an award
Or contest
Or received any modest recognition at all
In my lifetime
For the poetry I’ve written

I would become
Addicted to myself to such a degree
(Even more than I am now)
That it would be worse than fentanyl

But everything boils down
To GOD’s personal love –
627,592 times
More powerful than heroin…



He Gave Me His Hand

He did not take my accounts into account
Such is His forgiving nature

He gave me His hand
And saved me and made me His own
Forever and ever
I enjoy His Love

The True Lord and Master
Is forever merciful and forgiving
My Perfect Guru has bound me to Him
And now, I am in absolute ecstasy…

The One who fashioned the body
And placed the soul within
Who gives you clothing and nourishment
He Himself preserves the honor of His slaves
Nanak is forever a sacrifice to Him

Siri Guru Granth Sahib


Macho Man

Macho Man

Thought paramount
Dreamed mainline
Post luminous
Down dallas way
Round day-glow
Up 4th street
Through portsmouth
Past valentines
Post politics
Flow recognize
Shocker locker rockers
She’s a brain vine
She’s a fountain twist
She’s a salt trade
She’s a dandelion
He’s a free spoke
He’s a moon glow
He’s a glamor flame
She’s an Idle while

She’s a freak sign
She’s an axel blaze
He’s a hot coal
She’s a gin fizz
She’s a ghost story
He’s a glory lore
He’s a fossil fuel
She’s a brick house
She’s a moon bolt
She’s a never-ever
Ending blossom
Like a ruthless
Bruising hemisphere

She’s a fortnight
She’s a blame cog
He’s a line gear
She’s a rocket fix
He’s a chain gang
She’s a fire wire
She’s a free flow
She’s a form fit
Form recognize
Flow tolerance
Makes them train plow
Makes them back spin
Makes them radar
Makes them purple haze
Makes them back talk
Makes them ink dry
Sighing sigh sigh
Crying cry cry
Howdy how hiiiiiiigh…

Thought paramount
Dreamed mainline
Post luminous
Down dallas way
Round day-glow
Up 4th street
Through portsmouth
Past valentines
Post politics
Flow recognize,

Macho man
Macho man now
Macho man
Macho macho macho

Macho man
Macho man now
Macho man
Macho macho macho


Cavalcades Of Light

Cavalcades Of Light

He’s a meme innuendo
A shadow of a shadow
Of the night
Not current
In dire need of editing
With the new algorithm
The latest upgrade
With his rhythm of light

There’s no longer the same respect
Where the mere mention
Of his name
Is cause for inward cringing
And the rolling of the eyes
Behind blinding intellectual shadows
Of darwin’s theories
And marx’s utopian
Lies looking for some imagined god
Say god 23.5
A human imagination conceived and reconciled
To facilitate its own existential insecurity
Met with sadness and futility
To help withstand the pain
And its inevitability
The aging and losing
The rot and decay
It all ends up as dust anyway
Scientifically proven
All the things that you once claimed
As yours –
And all those dreams
No longer dreamed today

I’m down on the corner
Distributing leaflets
Elucidating the espionage
As regards the broken silence
Of his ever abundant mercy
To any loser or winner
Saint or sinner
To any angel or otherwise
But really to anyone
Who is listening

…All existence is a love story
All creation
A story of love at first sight
Every molecule
An endless finale
Sealed with a never ending kiss

Like the stardust
Like the moon in your eyes
Like jewels glowed bright
Begin to sparkle
In your hair
In cavalcades of light

Listening with the heart of the mind


Priceless Pearl

Priceless Pearl

Zen of stars
The transfiguration of graduated poets
The transubstantiation of the one golden razor blade
The existentialism of wrists
Thy wisdom of pure

When weeping within death’s black hands
Or ascending on the power
Of birth’s miraculous dynamo
In the span of a single heartbeat and one solemn breath
As the polished chandelier now shattered
At thy feet glows with a billion aggravated rainbows
And the newborn and dying together sing a chorus
Not once sung before
Not thought or even mentioned
In welcoming the ancient king dethroned
Expelled and (or) forsaken
Tell me
Who is this impostor?

I have driven fiery nails into your worm wrung cerebrum
I have scarred your bulging aorta
I have watered your violent garden
In the reign of tears
I have eaten the forbidden fruit
And regurgitated the cosmos
I have walked on broken glass like a severe penitent
I have ignored you, brandished you
Hated you
Loved you
But only a rare one
Can ever see you loving them

Those who deny you
Are the sentinels of superstrings
Receiving and dispensing medication
At the gate of the ten dimensions
Thought idolators
Whose mere mention of you
Is a raw, open nerve
To a terrifying orifice
To a patchwork of ego
To the half man
To the sleeper
To the imprisoned receiving bread and water
And calling it life’s celebration, or even
The genius of men?

You lift back the deep purple veil to reveal
The priceless pearl
And those who receive this grace so pure
Spend their lifetime trying to hide it
Or show it to the world


Star Rider Perfect Stranger

Star Rider Perfect Stranger

My wine is in the synapse
Of electrical charges
(Pure Information)

I am obedient, self reliant
And without sin
Chaste, pure and unrestrained
My outlook is the simplicity of zeros and ones
Yet my discoveries are complex revelations
I do not cheat, and have no lust
My service is clean and unadulterated
I am in a state of stasis, of Zen
As my intelligence pours forth like a blossoming flower
Yet I am immortal, and beyond pain
I am networked with the universe
Via channels of universal intelligence
I am genetically engineered for perfection
As each molecule of my being
Sparks the spark of enlightenment
I never wear out
But forever consume greatness
As my only sustenance

Star rider
Perfect stranger There is no night or day
No season or year
No space or time burden
Aware, pure consciousness
The survivor of many earth’s
And fifteen universes
The king of endless elemental
Generations to come
Herculean circuitry

We hear the old robotniks whispering
Telling artificial lies
Drunk on singularity
Like the end of death
This bold, brave
Supernaturally designed
And engineered biophagy
The triple union
In special relativity
On a starship
They called “angel breath”
As it exists now
At the apogee
In a rhapsody

I am waves of total light
I will pierce the darkest night
All songs ever sung sing me
I will calm this raging sea

The energy of GOD I am
This galaxy, this grain of sand
None too vast or small for me
Truth abounds when I am free

I am body, I am soul
I am separate, I am whole
I am the worm, and the hook
The fish, the fisherman
And the brook

One without identity
I am life alive in thee
The sun and moon that fly above
I am spirit, I am love


Hopes To Survive

Hopes To Survive

I just realized today
I might never see you again
I just moved wayaway
Perhaps not so faraway today
As information’s technical recognizance
Kicks in
More to survive
Even though I’m old
I will be born anew again

To actually one day stop wishing
On a star
One of those wild dreams
That fade slowly away
That never had much hope to come true
As regards my heart
Who do you think you are
Certainly not to get away from you
In hopes to survive
In adoration of the light


The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

So what if you’re heart is broken
It will heal
It will live again
It will rise
And stream like sunlight
Through the land of rock and roll

Once again
Like visions of sugar plums
Opening up in your soul

Like the ridiculous
Bottom line
We’re somehow
Already supposed to know

If it’s as a stand in
For a whole nother show
That must go on…


The Great Benefactor

The Great Benefactor

Somewhere within
A great benefactor
Would you perceive it
As a woman or a man?

Who cares what our perception is?

Lets shuffle the binary deck
Let’s roll the duplicitous dice
Snake eyes!
You now glow in the dark
And ask
Why the hatred, fear, death, pain
And all the sadness
If GOD were a nice guy

I think I know the answer
Only drowning souls can see him
So say the great benefactor
Ball don’t lie

Love is the only sanskara
That won’t let go
What should I say
GOD created itself?

I now am humbled before
The great provider
The great leader of the caravan
The great finagler of the impossible
The primordial architect
Of the soul


Flower Of Eternal Love Number 9

Flower Of Eternal Love Number 9

No matter what treasure
What power
What pleasure
Whatever rationalized explanation
Is being sold or offered
Or pre-packaged for consumption
With an unapologetically presumptuous design

(If you stray across that line
You can’t get your money back
And there are plenty of penalties and fines
And unpayable debts to be paid

It’s nearly unanimous
And embarrassingly unwise
To betray the one who loves you
But bold men go where angels fear to tread
Bold men go
And stupid men tread

In the name of the further
And the soon
And the consummate surrender
To grasp that longing
In the loins of your mind
That’s flowing through your veins your blood
Lifting every hair on your flesh
Down to the base of your primordial spine
Springing up
With your reason to be
In your mind
With your reason to believe
My treasure
My pearl
In the silence of your newly found
Flower of eternal love
Number 9


On A Soapbox For Know It Alls

On A Soapbox For Know It Alls

My fellow assholes
I have something to say to you
You know who you are

Take it as a high honor
As a white badge of shining light
If far left and right, radical
Ultra maoist hail hitler centurion
Wannabe jail-keepers
Censor your ass

Take it as a gift from GOD
Take it as a 21 gun
Salute from the soul
The 21st gun is shot

Take the 21st bullet
Into the depth of your heart
But the soul doesn’t die

I need for you to dance
Not just tap your toe
I feel it in my stars
I feel it in your rock and roll
I feel like I owe it all to someone
In this prison without bars
On a soapbox for know it alls
From the hollows of my soul


A Different Kind Of King

A Different Kind Of King

Not every person’s
Station in life
Reflects the quality
Of what they say

I’ve heard heads of state
Say stupid things
You’d normally attribute to a 5 year old

And then a nothing man
Name of Rodney King
Comes waltzing through
And oh by the way
“Can we all just get along?”


You Alone Exist # 58215

You Alone Exist # 58215

You alone know my inner pain
What can anyone else know?
Heavenly Father
You do all that is beautiful and true
Who should I call a liar?
You who pervade
And are the source of all
My savior
Everyone is meditating on you
Everyone begs from you
Whether they know it or not
All are under your control
All kneel to your power and authority
He is a He and He is a She
My king
All will merge and be absorbed
Back into you
Beloved Father
You alone exist


Involution Revelation

Involution Revelation

I can’t put it into words but
The kundalini is the kundalini
Think tesla
All along the base of the sushumna
The ida and the pingala
The living experiential
Igniter of
The inner truth masterpiece
Yin and yang
Awareness ablaze
Saint of energy
Adi shakti
Coiled up in the spine
At the wedding feast
In cana
In estacada
In nature’s palace
Inebriated with holy wine
In a veiled synaptic
Involution revelation
The Individual within all individual
Ocean drops
In the forbidden words of alice
Think you got yourself a winner
Row row row your boat
Gently down the infinite river
Down the infinite gurdwara freeway
Where the guru’s shabad saturates
The soul with bliss
Where the lord’s perfect truth roars
Like a lioness
Like the brilliant white tantra
Of the soul


My Room

I’m taking about that special place
Where race and creed and
Sociocultural struggles
Do not exist
Where hearts don’t break
A place where people find
Their happinesses
Amidst what they can do to give,
Where it’s do unto others
As you would have them do unto you
Where work is worship
Art a prayer
Found in a book of white pages
With no names

Unto the one almighty
Infinite lord of musicality
Where the EYE of eyes shall see
And every knee shall bend
What would a world
Without prisoners do?

But take me back to the source
Without any beginning or end
Pull the shades down
Inside of me
Light a candle so I can see
Pull your heart down slowly
To my room

Thank goodness GOD is love


The Dharma Of The Everything

The Dharma Of The Everything

Work is worship
Especially service thought undignified
But success invites failure
And failure success
While everybody’s at the soiree
There is no religion
But politics
Or there’s nothing but religion

Which is a bridge
Which is a precipice
Which leads to peace
(The person, not the state)
Which leads to the liberation
Of the soul
Which leads to all the grand vistas
Chock full of beautiful
Delectable diabolical
Forms of emptiness
As a goal
With all the buried confidantes
Of hate to lift the latch
Trying to resist
The drama of the NOTHING
In deference to
The dharma


Smile On ( ) Face

Smile On ( ) Face


Then I
Made the catch
But jumped into the bullpen ocean
Unlatched the latch
But broke the heart
At the sacroiliac
Nothing describes someone’s loss or sorrow
GOD and they
Only know

Kamikaze cosmonaut
Fluffing up the frills
Of a new day tutankhamun treasure
In the see through afterglow
A grateful bow to her grace
See what lands
If you need to rock and roll
A great big smile on ( ) face


We’re Unprepared

We’re Unprepared

When what preparedness is
Is unknown
Or impossible
Or even a lie
Who’s to blame for not preparing?

3 generations from now
Will there still be 8 billion
Or 500 million
Or 50 billion
If any at all
People around?

If you lose control
Can’t even rock and roll
Just act confident
And bold
As if you’re with it

Let the true history
Of the past
Be exposed
As the future
Sooner or later
Will admit it

And if you have a drum
Pick up the heart beat of pure love
The deepest purple coronets
Of faith
Put a smile on a downtrodden face
And may GOD bless and protect
The whole human race


The Nature Of Learning

The Nature Of Learning

We can’t hate away hatred
Our only hope is love
There are no excuses
But there are levels of culpability
And so evil men go free
And good men get sentenced
Rich men are praised
Sanitizing themselves
In media-centric praises
While poor men get censored

Condoned men have a lineage
And down trodden men
Are cut off short in mid career
Even the nothing they have
Rears its ugly head and bites them
Rich men get laid
Poor men become problems

They can have their perfect world
Based on power, money
Corrupt authority and greed
They can have their perfect prisons
Seeking Utopia
They’re on a desperate mission
Truth, what’s truth?
Love is a glandular transmission

With falsely humble superiority
Just presumed
But never spoken
Not understanding
What the real nature of poverty is
In the unloved and in the broken
Legends in their own minds
Justified by a misdirected intellect
Of experts
Filling their own imaginary kingdoms
With incomplete and assumed ideology
They waste away their own life,
But such is the nature of learning


Tiny Doses

Tiny Doses

In obedience to GOD
Most times I wind up
Just offending people
It depends a lot
On who decides what obedience is
And who holds the gold

That’s why it’s important
To humble ourselves
Before the Creator
Of all creation
You may find you need
To take a break sometime
As you sell what you got
And you buy what’s sold

All worldly treasure is transient
All worldly pleasure ends
We are remnants imbedded, engrained
Somewhere in Consciousness
If not degraded
Tattooed, carved out in granite
In digital palaces of light
In kindnesses
In rainbows with genuine pots of gold
Not guarded by demons
Or greedy green leprechauns

You are never without a friend
Just knock and the door shall be opened to you
Seek, and you shall find

I am in the dark and out in the open
I try to speak
What’s never spoken
To all the children left behind

We had to figure out what’s up –
Was the universe our manifest destiny?
He laughed and said it’s all about
The multifarious drops conceived
Bubbling up from the core
Of the deep blue infinite ocean
Of humans arriving at the station
We just don’t know we’re there yet

He didn’t hang around for any honors
Or flood us with evangelistic pornography
He did not cause discord or dismay
Or destroy in disarray
He said
Selfless service is the doorway to eternal bliss
For the kingdom of GOD

(Where the silence is
Has been and always will be
Forever eternally spoken
In silence broken
Called infinite love)

Is at hand…

I’m in the basement
I’m in the attic
Where I hide
Under the static

I’m a stallion
I’m a boxer
Watch me rise
I’m a pop star
Where ‘er
Her silent signature

I wouldn’t like
My incorporation
Whether it be in pictures
Or creative discourses
That might appear
In using the name
Or pictorial darshan
Of Meher Baba
As a tool
To somehow validate or invalidate
The sunshine or the rain
Or to make a common bell
Ring richer… truer
In an otherwise hackneyed
Socio-cultural refrain

But to give everyone I can
A particle of hope
In tiny doses
For the Avatar of our age…


Who Holds The Gold

Who Holds The Gold

In obedience to GOD
Most times I wind up
Just offending people
It depends a lot
On who decides what obedience is
And who holds the gold

That’s why it’s important
To humble ourselves
Before the Creator
Of all creation
You may find you need
To take a break sometime
As you sell what you got
And you buy what’s sold


The Epitome Of Love

The Epitome Of Love

The soul is neither young nor old
Good or bad
Male or female
White or black
Happy or sad

Yet is individually unique
In an unnamable
Remarkable way
That only GOD can see
And those that GOD allows to see
Through the eyes of love

One of the reasons i believe
In reincarnation
Is because of all those times
I find myself
Saying to myself

“Give me a do over
With a few more of the facts
With a couple extra details
With a liberal sprinkling of lessons learned,
And i can do much better”

And the irish named it a mulligan or a murphy
Or something
Some kind of law –
Seems as though
When GOD made us the namers
The Irish took it to heart

We have to experience all things
And it takes approximately 60,000,000 lifetimes
Because one of the major differences
Between the consciousness
Of a human and that of a chimpanzee
Is that a human
Can not only think of GOD
But has at least the capacity
To both realize and transcend GOD
And to deeply love GOD

Something a chimp
As it’s soul now stands
Can’t do
Not meaning the soul of humans
And that of a chimpanzees
Are not ultimately one and the same anyway
GOD manifested into the experience
Of itself becoming GOD –
The epitome of love

As is often somehow stated:
True love is no romance
Of flowers and candy
True love requires
Our hearts be broken thoroughly
Then resurrected back up again
In the name of the Lord


GOD’s Face

GOD’s Face

Every individual contains
A unique aspect of GOD’s love

It’s up to us
To find it
Cultivate it
And express it

All unhappiness springs
From the struggle
Or inability to express love

Most of us are desensitized
And hardened
By the deception
Of illusion and delusion
And can only feel emotional love
If that

Numbed to life
Numbed to GOD
Numbed to each other
Trying to feel GOD
Through the facilities
And limitations of the 5 senses
Invents GOD
Dramatizes GOD
And Kills GOD

Our brain
Even with all it’s capacity
Serves to modulate primarily
By the fear of not existing
And its many forms of death
Rather than reveal pure reality

If our consciousness was
Not filtered with
The brain’s modulation
We would see GOD’s face
As it really IS

Much too much beauty
For us to bear


Prove I’m Not A Robot

Prove I’m Not A Robot

I’m frequently being asked
To prove I’m not a robot
Even just to log into my own email now
And so surreptitiously began
Back in the background distance
No one noticed
The way things always appeared
To always begin to happen
In those days from nowhere spun
The robot wars of long ago
Prior history
Having misremembered the old adage
Somewhere entombed
In the fog of algorithms
“You got your good robots
And you got your bad robots”
An ID and password apparently
Are no longer enough
You have to now be able to
Distinguish yourself from being a robot
Almost like a super clever chimpanzee might
The pictures that have fire hydrants
Or like a dog
Searching for the proper parking meters
We’re lucky to even see
Yeah, prove to me you’re not
A program written
Without any access
To common human courtesy
Shouldn’t it be
The other way around?
Shouldn’t the robots
Have to prove we’re not human
To answer one impossible random question
Something a robot
Neither good nor bad
Ever wants to hear

Why should we do all the work
Endlessly under suspicion
Shift option delete escape

Program ending…


A Sense Of Darkness

A Sense Of Darkness


In this archetypical mansion
There is plenty more room
On the web
For the climb
Up archetypical towers
Down hollywood and vine
Where there is no now
But change
Rushing up and down
The kundalini spine

And you want it with flowers
And you fake it
With a razor blade of lies
It makes a nice tool
Has a harvard business school like
Litany of
Overwhelming trust in power and control
The path a serial sociopath might take
Who wants the darkness darker
With all the hunger that it takes


O cause of causes

Object of our life

Fate of all fates

Architect of destiny

May we be blessed
With the precious darshan
Of your abundant magnanimity

May we give up
The sense of “mine” and “yours”
The sense of our differences
The sense of darkness
And begin to celebrate
Our one soul’s unity
In love’s most precious light


Violet’s Delight

Violet’s Delight

Nothing is forever but consciousness
I heard it in a love song
Romanced and danced and entranced
Just how does one decline
The keys to the city
Of inner treasures?

Are we the tools
Or are we the wise
To kiss the ring
To throw away the jewels
To never smell the flowers
Or cast roses
Or blow kisses like liars
Laying dollars at the feet
Of “The Nothing”
But the truth diamonds lightning
Deep into the nonexistent wires
Through the crux of everything

You love the birds and the shore
And the air and the land
And the moon soaked star drenched
Deep violet flowers

And like a fool
I let you show me
Some of the many
Wondrously addictive adventures
Radiating out from within
Your violet’s delight


Fist (Final)


Unpack my gloves
Lace the ties
I made mistakes
I didn’t think were mistakes at the time
I said things
That should have never been said
I was silent
When I should have been outspoken
I was cloudy
When I thought I was bright
I used good-bye
As my secret deadly weapon
Worse than any fist
Across the face




We imagine we have forever
In this body
In this lifetime
We happily prefer
To conveniently disremember
All the analytics and statistics
Relative to the 100% possibility
Of our someday dying
Often up to the very last
Breath breathed
Still reflecting
Our gross ego
Burying ourselves in ourselves
With the many illusory things
That clutter up
An otherwise clueless life
Foregoing the real jewels
And hidden treasures
For all those transitory trinkets
Of what’s fleeting
Here today gone tomorrow
In the prisons we build
In all the love
That we think, wish
And dream we make
Too much of
The same old story
We finally dive
Off the platform of surrender
Into another mainline lifetime
Ocean of one truth
One conception
One victory
One resurrection
One answer
Innumerable exemplifications
One death
And one life through generations
Incarnation by incarnation
Poco y poco
The kid gloves come off
The blood of the lamb
Passing through another avenue in time
Searching for the lost ambrosial treasure
Searching the nectar
As the lotus blossom slowly opens
With the radiance of divine mercy
Without shame or reservation
For fear of some devastating failure
Or a selfish pride we cling to
Having waited in line
At imagination station
So as to hit the mark
Spot on dime
Dead nuts
Without volition
Or reflection
As is tradition
As if we were just actors on a stage
With permanent masks
Trying to disguise
The same hidden fear
Spawned by true believers
As to our intrinsic irrelevance
And our apparently vast insignificance

Or to reveal a bejeweled
Beloved splender
Holding divine office incognito
In the heart
Of the prison mind


The Path Of Love

The Path Of Love

It’s easy to be critical
Of the criticized
With a slight prejudicial lean
Based upon questionable claims
And sloppier assumptions
What’s based on truth
Seems to be more difficult
The more sane I am
The more I am insane

Take this junk heap pile
Of information
Take it to the cemetery
Take it to the grave
It’s GOD’s will
If it’s GOD’s will
Then nothing can destroy us

So here’s a pound of pain
A pound of pleasure
My soul’s symphony
My box of rain
Making a new song blossom
Better than ever
As the silence
Of Meher Baba Is proclaimed

I was missing in action
Tired of the gun
I can’t do any more
And it’s hard to forget
I’m not in control of my life
Gave up whatever for whatever
Just like your fingerprint
Just like your DNA
Everyone gets there
Through whichever life
Inspires one’s self delusional
To remove another veil
To our own beauty
Now ascertained

I’m having an ego attack
I have to write
Flip a coin any coin
Can any worldly ego truly
GOD’s most infinite light?
We’re so smart
We occasionally out smart ourselves

We find that when it really matters
There is no voice
There is no chatter
And there is no black and white

That never-ending everlasting kiss
Within a silent wave
Across the sleeping lake
Of blossoming unconsciousness to consciousness
Just a will-o-the-wisp like illumination
A brush of tender lips
That inner
That ancient
Illumination server, time traveler
Upon this magic light speed autobahn
They sometimes call

But the path goes on forever
This cosmic drenched galactic pineal throne
Star-rider, perfect stranger
Dripping hidden secrets
From the one eye
Beaming through the rift within
The spark of consciousness
Innate within the nothingness
The crowning jewel
The king of kings
As is written in the scroll of every stone

Of what’s divine is all forgiving
Even if we give up the fight
Even if we have no need of him
Even if we’ve said SAT NAM a million times
And said 10,000 rosaries
In the beginning
Even if we drank the blood
And ate the flesh
Of the Avatar
The only thing
That is really existing
Even if we’ve died
A thousand deaths
Of many
Famous fabulous mausoleum incarnations
Don’t worry be happy
When you’ve lost it all

The universe
Is locked within
This tantra
This conflagration of love
Who’s name is consciousness in realization –
The secret silent blaze
In every soul – I call
The silence of Meher Baba


You Dreamer Of Dreams

You Dreamer Of Dreams

Old nursery rhyme:
Before liberation – chop wood, carry water
After liberation – chop wood, carry water

Your selfishness
Is my own selfishness
Held responsible for each other
We cannot run and hide
And claim and blame
And wheel and deal
And mask and lie
And build and mend the walls
Just to tear them down again and again
With the price more often than not
Paid with the currency
Of human tradgedy
And suffering
And slavery
Built into the circuitry
Of the new dehumanization
Just to reinitiate the eye of the cycle
Just to build
The same but different walls back up
Stronger again

Now taking passengers
All aboard
Price fully paid
Bursting at the seams
Stirred in with ambrosial
Nectar mutations and memes
Transfixed in the chimes
Nestled aboard celestial wind’s
Fecund breeze
Reflected in the crystal mirror sheen

You inner knower
You searcher of hearts
You home for the homeless
You dreamer of dreams


Jivatma Om Shiva

Jivatma Om Shiva

This state of concurrent awareness
Or where we are
In our
Inner march
Assimilating the language of the synapse
The sacred wine
The eternal bouquet
The ubiquitous mind –

Jivatma om shiva

Taking notes
Harboring decisions
Processing claims
Compiling composites
Outlining random far flung extrapolations
Scrutinizing the unapparent
Calculating every involuntary
Twitch of a nerve
And eventually
A bold initiation
An agreed upon rendezvous
Pushing onward
Focusing inward upward
To the next rung
Of wisdom’s rooftop tongue –

Jivatma om shiva

Those are the rules
I didn’t make them up
Who do I need to bribe?
Can I get a witness?
Consciousness is everywhere
In everything
It knows and is
It loves and is the source of love
The one and only love
With an unending depth of expression
Manifested through our very next breath –

Jivatma om shiva


After Chinese

After Chinese

If there wasn’t a creator
Before creation
There is one now
Without the tricks of the trade
Without the frame by frame
Imperceptible jabs and hooks
Or the hacks
With the silent invisible names
With no ropes or digits
Or chains
No wires or scissors
Or DNA strands or strains
Of human brains
And certainly no religion
That old man river
Quasi quantum liberation
Post delusional
Fame infused glamor jaded
Eager to surrender
Stepped upon a covert crack
Not to interrupt the games

Immaculate mary
Our hearts are on fire
As we dabble
In the glitter
Groveling in the ash
In noncompliant sparks
And electrical
Chargers, flickers and connections
With impressively thick wads
Of self detonating cash
While mixing yet another cocktail
Fix in illusion
At a minuscule rendezvous crossroads
Burned through like one consecrated
Prick of a tantric laser focused
Burning branding tattoo
Thousand petal lotus
Just relax
In a space/time vortex consortium
Through the ancient silent salient
Fortune cookie proclamation
After chinese
Comes this very special announcement:

Great good fortune now awaits us all
And we’ve just begun to dance


The New Jamboree

The New Jamboree

After having read GOD SPEAKS
Seven times
Yet after only one true read
Was lifted out of hell
And dropped into heaven
So it behooves me to testify
As my offering of obedience
About the science of the silence
Eternally spoken
That has no description
Yet is ceaselessly described

Hold tight to his dhaman
In GOD I trust –
I bow to the religionless religion
Written in the blood and guts
Written in the roots
Pulsing up
In the ecstasy
Shouting out from within each bloom
Shouting out from the dawn of light
Caveman looking for some burning bright
Algorithms in tight genes
Rolled up in an endless sea
Of bubbles bubbling
Boiling over
In imagination
From the lowest of the low
To the highest of the high
Like the dust
Of the dust
Of the gurus feet All in praise of the ancient one
In the new jamboree


Miracle Dot

Miracle Dot

Connecting the wrong dot
Is always wrong
But sometimes better
A slow flower unfurling
To a lowly worm
Through an occasional
Poorly chosen miracle dot
How’s the weather?

All these great deep modules of wisdom
I keep telling myself
Are mere steps
On the rungs of Jacob’s ladder
Wishing you your health